Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 26

Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 26 – -MILLIE-

The following day, I was packing my things when my phone rang. It’s a video call from Cander “Good morning “her smile morphed to worry the instant she saw the state I was in “What happened?

Regret and thoughts of Damian kept me awake all night. My decision to bid him goodnight instead of climbing him like a tree – which I still wanted to do haunted me, like the monster under my hed when I was five years old.

“I feel like shit.” I groaned, abandoned my luggage, and headed to the open balcony. My breakfast-coffee, bacon, toasted bread, and eggs – had already gone cold on the frosted glass table outside.

“Well, you look like shit. Leave it to my best friend to slap me with the naked truth.

The video went shaky as she milled about her home. Her furninire arrived last Friday, and she was busy playing interior design-playing the part of a perfect housewife. Both of our hair was pulled up in a messy bun, a loose shirt hanging from our shoulders; the only difference was that Candice looked good in it.

While I am a total mess 1 plonked on the couch by the balcony: the Seattle morning air brushed my skin.

I tucked one leg under my bum, gazing over the dense skyscrapers in the city. Mount Rainier in its background.

She settled on the outdoor chair where we had a nice chat last week, sipping her own cup of coffee. “So, how was the ‘gala? You looked stunning last night, by the way”

“Thanks” I grabbed a toasted bread and chomped down on it, then started narrating the pleasant parts of the evening. She was ecstatic about Georgina’s offer,

excited enough to book a meeting with our on-call staff and start planning the proposal Candice was still oblivious to Sonja’s presence in Damian’s life. All she knew was that his step-brother was in this deal to help I badly wanted to tell someone about my encounter with Sonja, but I couldn’t.

I need to respect Damian’s privacy. But it’s killing me. It would be nice to have Candice backing me up- “That’s it?” she blinked at me, squinting her eyes from the sun rays striking her caramel skin.

I don’t wanna talk about Damian or what didn’t happen between us because, if I’m being honest, I want what he wants.

I came to Seattle giddy as fuck in seeing him again. But meeting Sonja ignited uncertainty in me. Was Damian’s affection when he was around me even real? His ex was stunning. If she wasn’t married, I don’t think Damian would ever throw a second glance my way.

“No climax” she wiggled her brows teasingly,

I snorted “Nope. We kissed for a show, like what we did last week. It was very anticlimactic “Oh She didn’t bother hiding her disappointment.

I thought you two might have done the deed by now, you know From how he looked at you last week, even your pictures online from last night oozed with S**ual tension.”

“Tappreciate your trust in my ability to ensure your step-brother, but he’s beyond my league She narrowed her eyes at me.

“It’s the other way around, Millicent You’re too good for him and if he can’t make a move on you, it’s is los”

Damian made a move last right, he confessed he wanted more the problem. After seeing him with Sonja.

I wasn’t sure if I could keep my feelings at bay Days swelled into weeks, moving Effortless Events to Roslin City and work kept me busy. Between planning Georgina’s anniversary and Constance Moreno’s wedding, I resumed my social media gigs.

The gossip about Natalie’s accusation has toned down, so I accepted two endorsement deals. One was for a newly opened rooftop cafe and a burger chain.
It was Friday afternoon, and I had just finished recording the video for my rooftop cafe, ‘Sinag content.

While enjoying my free latte, I started editing my content when Damian’s face flashed on my screen.

It had been two weeks since the fundraiser. Two weeks of ignoring this urge to ask him how he was He’s been radio silent, and now that he made the first move to communicate, my heart wanted to leap out of my chest.

I accepted the video call, and my mouth went dry at the delicious sight of Damian. I can’t believe how much I missed him.

His gray curls were a beautiful mess, framing his razor-sharp jaws as though he’d been raking them again and again. It didn’t matter that we were not facing one another, his intense gaze had the same effect on the butterflies in my belly. They’ve gone on havoc, their wings piercing my insides with excitement.

“Hey,” I smiled, tucking a loose curl from my ponytail away from my face. “Hi Where are you?”

“Tim working” I said. “Making content for my vlog” I was about to ask him the same question, eyes narrowing at the familiar dark abstract painting behind him, illuminated by the dimmed light of my apartment hallway, “You’re in Manhattan?” I had to be sure. “Yeah. I meant to surprise you.


Damian leaned against the door of his Jeep in front of my apartment building. That vehicle, where it was parked, reminded me of when he kissed me here. He pushed off from his car, flashing me that signature panty-melting smirk as I walked in his direction.

“What are you doing here?” I asked once I was within earshot, breathless. I’m not sure if it’s from the sight of him or the walk from the cab to where he stood.
He didn’t speak. We gazed at each other and something crossed his face. He towered over me, and his intense expression penetrated me. I gasped as our fronts collided; he tugged me to his body by my waist.

“Damian-” I heaved, questioning him was on the tip of my tongue, but his mouth silenced me, making my world spin.

Goodness. I miss him. My eyes fluttered shut, wild tremors vibrated through my body as I savored the softness and eagerness of his was no chaste kiss; it was passionate, short-circuiting my brain.

It’s filled with lust and hot temptation, a y the night where we left things off. He yanked me harder; the pedestrians walking around us and the bu passing on the street faded into the background.

Nothing mattered apart from Damian’s demanding ki When he lifted his mouth off mine, he kept me close to his body. I was dizzy.

I needed time to gather my
“f**k, I missed you,” Damian growled, dipping his mouth for another toe-curling kiss.

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