Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 25

Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 25 – -DAMIAN-

Emotional women turned me off, but an emotional Millicent turned my body into a wood-burning furnace.

She struggled against my hold, slamming her fist on my chest in protest.

I grabbed her waist, yanking her tighter against me, cutting off whatever angry words she was about to spit. She wouldn’t respond to my kisses when we both knew we’re attracted to each other like magnets, and it only made me want her more.

What the f uck is wrong with me?
Her resistance didn’t last long, then she melted into my kiss, her fingers clutching my dress shirt and pulling me closer.

F uck, she tastes good.
I had been stealing kisses all night, touching her where she’d let me, but nothing came close to how I wanted her right now.

I drank deep from her mouth, devouring her like a starved man, ravenous and out of control.

Millicent reciprocated my enthusiasm, moaning, wrapping her arms around my neck, rubbing her body against mine. She accepted everything I gave her and then some. Tonight felt like a hardcore foreplay, ready to explode in fast, hot S**

My eager hands skimmed her perfect curves, gripping her butt and rubbing her against my c ock. I slipped my
hands on the slit of her skirt, grunting at the soft milky skin beneath my palms. I was so drunk with desire that I couldn’t get enough of her.

It’s not enough. Every kiss, every touch, every f ucking teasing we’ve done so far left me craving for more. It would never be enough until I’m balls-deep buried inside her.

While I continued to destroy her mouth, my mind whirled on how to take this to the next level.
If I push her inside her room, will she allow me to taste her, make her come with my hand or with my tongue?

F uck! Will she go all the way and let me own her body like no man had ever done before?

The elevator dinged open, forcing Millicent and me to part, but I kept her pressed against her door, covering her with my body.

Drunken laughter filled the hallways. Whoever stepped out of the elevator entered the door closest to it, saving us from their closer scrutiny.
A thick silence hovered over Millicent and me. Our breaths were heavy; her heart was punching against my chest.

you kiss her?” Millicent’s hesitant voice cut through the heated tension between us.

“No,” I caged her with my arms and body against the door. “She came to me, told me how you assaulted her.”
Millicent blew a despondent huff, nose flaring. “Did you believe her?”

A worked-up Millicent is f u cking adorable. “I told her my Millicent can’t swat a mosquito even if her life depended on it.”
Sonja, with her alluring beauty, big blue doe-eyes, played me in the palms of her hands for a long time. But tonight, I saw through her lies.

There might be a hint of truth in her story about the confrontation with Millicent. Too bad for Sonja; I know Millicent’s warrior princess side comes forth once she’s pushed to one corner.

Millicent’s lips twitched, fighting off a smile from breaking free, but the fire in her eyes remained. “She was all over you,” her tone was a cross between huff and sulky.

Women and jealousy were never a good combination. I hate explaining myself. I mean, come on, women come to me; I don’t come to them. It’s the reason I started to distaste whatever s hit I had going with Sonja. She becare clingy, jealous of every woman she saw talking to me.

But is it weird that I find a jealous Millicent adorable as f uck? I like it. It meant that she felt something more for me, an inkling to own me, claim me as hers. “Jealousy suits you, baby,”

She groaned, dropping her forehead onto my chest. “You didn’t tell me she was a dead ringer for Ana De Armas.”

Sonja’s beauty trapped me in that toxic and illicit affair, I’m not going to lie. But what I felt for Millicent was beyond physical.

Something about her drew me in. Since the reunion night, I tried to figure out why after all these years of knowing her, I suddenly lusted over her like I had never done with anyone before. Was it because she’s someone I never thought would have eyes for me?

Knowing she secretly admired me even in my messed up teenage years ignited this need to learn more about her now. To try my chances despite the no-S** clause in our deal. Maybe it’s because she’s a forbidden fruit?

Or perhaps I was so used to women throwing themselves at me, and Millicent’s resistance to this pull we have for each other turns me the f uck on.
I cupped her face with both hands, forcing her to look into my eyes.

“Did you know how many times I almost lost my sh it tonight?” her lashes fluttered, big brown eyes filled with emotions staring back at me. “More than I could count on my fingers, Millicent. I should’ve let you wear a statement shirt saying Damian’s property.”

She allowed a giggle to slip past her lips, but I wasn’t kidding. The moment we stepped inside the fundraiser, I regretted picking this dress for her. She was stunning, a goddess walking by my side. I didn’t let her slip from my hold for fear that someone would steal her from me.

“Sonja and I had a bit of a standoff in the ladies’ room. She chewed the inside of her cheeks. “She said mean things to me, but I told her you had enough brains to stay away from a married woman like her.” Hesitation glazed her eyes. “Are you

Not one f ucking bit. In fact, my chest swelled with pride knowing she could handle herself against Sonja. I should’ve told her more about Sonja, what she’s like, and her bratty attitude, but I didn’t expect to see her tonight. Silverio wasn’t on the guest list since he’s on Tomas’ bad side. “Why would I be mad?”
She shrugged. “You two looked like lovers stealing a moment in that corner, Damian. And we’re not exactly a real thing. right?”

Her point was valid, but how can I agree with her when I’m feeling f ucking possessive of her?
“Everything about this relationship is as real as you and 1. Millicent. And as long as we’re in this deal, you are mine, and I am yours, got it?”

She perused my face for insincerity, but she’ll find none. Tonight was a night of revelation for me. First, I felt nothing when Sonja came to me, and I saw through her lies. Second, I hate that Millicent feels the need to explain herself to me and for feeling threatened about my past with Sonja. Third, I want Millicent all to myself like I wanted no one before “Okay,” she murmured meekly, dropping her gaze to my mouth and then back to my eyes.

I was still holding her face, moving my thumb to caress her swollen lips. The ever-present sizzle in the air when we’re together zapped my growing need to possess her, own her for real.
“F uck, you’re beautiful.” The words were out of my lips before I realized it.

She looked away from me, but I pressed our foreheads together, backing her up against the door. “Your lips were all I co think about the entire night, Millicent. I was all over you, but it wasn’t enough. I’m still craving for a taste.”
Her shallow inhale and exhale matched my own, and before I could do something I’d regret, I slid my hand down her arm grabbing the key card from her fist.

I slotted it in the keyhole, unlocking her door.
“Go inside.” I opened the door.
She remained glued to my front, still gazing at me, eyes dilated with desire.
“Now, Millicent. Before I kiss you again.”

“What what if I want that too?” F uck, what? My eyes widened, my coc k jerking in my pants.
I should remind her of our deal, that we have no audience although we’re in a public place. We’re tipping over dangerous.

territories here. But what I said next breaches all the clauses of our agreement.
“That’s not all I want from you, baby.” I gripped her hips and ground her against me, letting her feel what she was doing to my body. “I’m one second away from pushing you inside your room; get you out of this dress so I could have my way with you”

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