Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 24

Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 24 – -MILLIE-

I stepped out of the powder room and went back to the function hall, searching for Damian.

He was at the bar with his friends, ‘He’s a crowd favorite, Sonja’s voice rang in my ears. She’s right. People laugh at his jokes, listen to his opinion, and Damian knew how to compliment people in ways that would make them feel important and valued.

My date tonight was Damian, the businessman, son of Erik Black, heir to his billion-dollar real estate and construction empire.

But studying him now from afar. I noticed he kept toying with the cufflinks of his dress shirt. The sides of his eyes twitched each time someone belched a comment regarding people’s flaws, imperfections, or shortcomings. His smile was charming but never reached his eyes.

This version of him, no matter how charming and attractive his domineering stature was, was my least favorite.
Feeling my eyes on him, he steered a gaze in my direction, brows furrowed.

I drew a deep breath and made my way in his direction, ready to put on another show.
“What took you so long?” Damian growled in my ears, drawing me by the waist, and planted a lingering kiss on my cheeks.)

“Jesus, Black.” Garrett Lantz groaned. He’s the son of Tomas Lantz, the host of this fundraiser. And through all the people Damian introduced me to, Garrett seemed the closest to him. He sported a boyish charm with his tousled brown hair, deep blue eyes, and a killer body.

His smile was so warm that it would put anyone immediately at ease with him. “Can’t you be more subtle in being p ussy whipped?”

And yep, his dirty mouth probably charmed a woman in his bed every night.

“Watch your mouth, Lantz,” Damian growled, tightening his possessive grip on my waist as he glared at Garrett.
Garrett shook his head, sipping the golden liquid on his rock glass. “If this guy ever breaks your heart, you know where to find me.”
Damian shoved Garrett, his fingers digging into my hips. “Not a f ucking chance, Lantz. Stop trying to steal what’s mine.”

Garrett had fallen into a peal of hysterical laughter, gathering a few curious gazes our way. Damian didn’t see enjoy Garett’s glee at his expense.
They were still bickering when a couple, twice older than our age, approached us. The man patted Garett Damian a hard time again, huh, son?”

“Of course,” Garrett puffed his chest out. “It’s my mission to push his patience to the limit.”

The old man in a white tuxedo top and black pants turned to Damian. “Thank you for covering for your
old Damian huffed, accepting the older guy’s hand. “This is becoming a habit of his.

Thank He 1 for inviting u lady in a white evening gown. Her brown hair was pulled up in a neat bun, and her blue eyes darted a soft, welcom toward Damian and me. “Georgina, you look stunning, as always Georgina blushed as Damian kissed the back of her hand.

“And you’re as charming as always, Damian.” Her gaze slid me. “And who’s this lovely lady?”

There was very little space between Damian’s hips and mine, but he still drew me closer. I made an umph sound in surp “This is my girlfriend, Millicent.”

Tomas Lantz was hailed no 3 as the richest man in the world in last year’s survey, sporting a $123.1 billion net worth, and I can’t stop the reticence that spiraled down my spine in his presence. I hit my lip, murmuring a timid ‘hello, it’s an honor to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Lantz, to the couple, glad that Damian took their attention, boasting what I do for a living.

Honestly, I don’t understand what was there to boast about what I do. These people practically make thousands of dollars every hour of their lives, if not millions. But Damian made it sound like Effortless Events were the best in our field.

“We will be celebrating our golden wedding anniversary in September, Georgina said, looking up at Tomas. “And we’re looking for an event planner, right, darling?”
Tomas gazed down at his wife, a loving tension growing between the two. “It’s up to you, honey.”

“What would you
u ever do without me, huh?” She narrowed her eyes at her husband.

Tomas chuckled, kissing the top of her hair, and turned to Damian, asking him about the proposal he spoke with Erik
Georgina shook her head and plucked me away from Damian. “Why don’t we leave the men to their business?

I’ll give you some ideas about what I want for our anniversary, then you can decide if you want to organize it? How does that sound?”
I glanced at Damian helplessly. I didn’t want to leave his side. He only nodded at me reassuringly. “Oh, sure.”

“Who was I to turn this woman down?”
Georgina brought me to one of the balconies to discuss her ideas for their anniversary. She was leaning on an intimate celebration, about a hundred guests more or less, composed of their families and closest friends.

We exchanged contact information, and I promised to get back to her on Monday. Candice would be thrilled about this. Georgina was reluctant to leave my side when her assistant approached her, saying Beatrice Rogers was looking for her.

When I returned to the function hall, Damian was nowhere in sight. I tarried by the bar and ordered a gin and tonic. I needed a push to get through the rest of this night. The music halted, and people settled in their seats as Garrett walked up the stage and spoke about the cause this fundraiser would aid.

The man speaking on that stage differed from the guy bickering with Damian. He was regal and commanded dominance with each word he spoke.

Applause rained as Garrett called Tomas on stage. While the spotlight followed Tomas, I caught sight of my date in the shaded corner of the hall. My eyes needed a few seconds to adjust to the dimness of his location. And when I recognized who he was talking to, chills coated my skin.

Damian stood with his side facing me, lost in an intense conversation with Sonja. They were standing too close. She had one hand on his arm and another on his chest. Everyone’s attention was on Tomas, and no one noticed how they looked like a couple engaged in an intense, passionate conversation.

Sonja’s words didn’t get to me, but this definitely did. A tight knot formed on my belly, pushing the gin and tonic backup where they came in.
Although it was impossible, Damian felt my gaze on him, turning his head my way. I looked away, focused my attention on Tomas and the history of their foundation. I hear his speech, but it doesn’t register in my head. My heart was drumming, a hairline cr ack slithering through my chest.

Why was I feeling this way? Damian isn’t mine. I have no hold over him. He felt something for Sonja. I knew this from the start, but why does it physically hurt to breathe?

In my peripheral vision, I saw Damian walking toward me. My heart stammered for a different reason. My feet itched to bolt out of this building, away from him, but I did none of that. I stayed rooted where I was and pretended to be oblivious to what I saw, of what I was feeling.

“Millicent,” Damian looped his arms around my waist, standing behind my barstool. “It’s not what it seemed.” he rested his chin on my bare shoulder.
1 patted a soothing hand above his, blinking away the sting pr ickling my eyes. “It’s okay.”

It’s really not. Jealousy punctured my throat so deeply that I felt a bile rising in my mouth.

Tomas called Damian’s name. The spotlight flickered in our direction. Damian cursed under his breath, released me, and headed up the stage. Erik was a huge donor to the foundation, and Damian gave a heartfelt and meaningful speech on his father’s behalf. I half listened to his words, my heart still aching in my chest cavity.

I ordered another gin and tonic to
silence the pulsing jealousy in my head.
As the orchestra’s music resumed, Damian made a beeline for me.

“Let’s get out of here. He left no room for protest and dragged the out of the function hall. We exited in the opposite direction of the entry. Our ride was waiting in the back alley of the building: silence filled the entire ride hack to our hotel.

“Millicent, talk to me.” Damian gripped my wrist and spun me around before I could slot the key card into my suite.
“It’s fine, really.” I gave him the same answer for the last three times he asked if I was okay. “Don’t worry about it. Just be careful next time you talk to her.

People might think differently
Damian growled. Like a lion pouncing on his prey. he pinned me on the closed door: his hand seized my throat, preventing a squeal from tumbling past my lips.

His hold meant to dominate, but not to hurt me. I could free myself if I wanted to
“No lies. Annoyance blanketed his face. “It’s stated in our deal. You’re breaking it.”

My pulse drummed against his hold. “I have to be fine with it. I have no right to be jealous, okay”
He smirked, puncturing me with a triumphant gaze. “So you admit it, you’re jealous?”

My emotion rattled the cage I put them in, trying to break free. I narrowed my eyes at him, nose flaring. “Yes! I was. You happy?”
“F ucking ecstatic. Then his insistent lips descended upon mine.

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