Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 19

Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 19 – -DAMIA

“Danny, I growled, answering my assistant’s call as soon as I stepped out of Legally Luke’s. This better be a f ucking life or death situation.”

Danny chuckled, brushing off my chagrin. He knew not to bother me on my day off. “Did I c ockb lock you, boss?”

“I’m getting there. I granted, raking a hand through my hair.
I f ucking wish my night would end with my d ick getting wet and warm. For the first time, I finally had a girlfriend.

Millicent was every man’s dream, but she’s the one woman I cannot claim.

“Sorry, boss,” Danny murmured; I could still hear the smile in lus voice. He’d been my assistant for the past four years, and I knew Danny would never call me if it wasn’t necessary. “But there had been an incident at Belmont.”

Belmont was the hotel we recently finished constructing for Blanchet Land, a subsidiary company of Blanchet Corporation. owned by Silverio.

This week, we will hand over the building to Silverio’s chosen interior design company. No wonder Danny called me.

“What happened?” I glanced at each side of the street, moving to the right where there were fewer people to get some privacy “It’s been handled.

Our fire alarms alerted the LA fire department, and they said it was a false alarm.” “False alarm?” My voiced two octaves lower.

“Which floor did the alarm come from?” Danny took a moment before answering my question, papers flipping silently. “At the ground floor, in the lobby.”

I scratched the stubbles under my chin. It couldn’t be faulty wiring. I knew the supplier personally. “That’s the only intel we got:”

“I’m working on it, boss” Danny knew how my mind operated, which was why we lasted this long. Someone was definitely responsible for that alarm.

Who and why was what we needed to find out. This matter cannot be neglected. “I’ll let you know as soon as I know more.”

“Ask Mon if our security cameras outside the building caught anything” “They’re already working?” I nodded. “I got his email yesterday”

“Should I relay this info to the fire chief?” “Report to me, then we will decide on what to do.” “Sure, boss. Enjoy your vacation”

I chuckled. “Thanks, Danny” I went back inside the club, eyes scanning the bar where I had left Millicent. She didn’t want to return to the VIP and insisted she’d wait for me at the bar.

Savannah and Matt had been making her uncomfortable. I forgot to warn her about Matt’s grumpy attitude, but the hostility coming from Savannah was uncalled for Maybe it’s the tune of the month, but I’d never seen her act this way before.

Or perhaps I wasn’t paying attention until she was hauling Millicent with her probing questions.

Even in the low light of the bar, 1 quickly spotted Millicent’s platinum blond waves. She faced the counter, sitting on the barstool by the bar’s edge.

While I made a beeline to her, I groaned inwardly as I took in the curve of her waist and the swell of her hips. That f ucking a ss had been haunting me in my dreams since their reunion night. My body had the same reaction the moment I picked her up in their house – pulse quickening, breath coming in huffs.

She’s a vision in that little dress. The hem brushed the middle of her thigh. The slim strap, deep cut back, and low neckline teased my mind with ways to peel that dress off her body, craving to see what was underneath all those layers.

I’ve seen it before, and I wanted more. She squirmed in her seat, seemingly uncomfortable. I was so focused on drooling over her body that I hadn’t noticed the guy beside her. He leaned against the bar, one elbow on the counter and the other holding a glass of dark golden liquid.

The dimmed light made it hard for me to read his face, but his body language tells it all. He’s trying to hit on my girl.

He leaned closer to her, invading her personal bubble. Millicent’s head recoiled, her eyes filled with displeasure.

She said something to him, and he chuckled, throwing his head back, and murmured something that made her grimace. I was a few feet away from them. Her eyes locked with mine, relief washing her features.

“I don’t see anyone. the guy said loud enough for Millicent to hear. He was too occupied hitting on her and didn’t notice me coming.

“Is there a problem here?” I asked, slinking a possessive arm around Millicent’s waist. F uck… She was so f ucking soft and warm. My di ck punched against the zipper of my jeans. She instantly melted in my arms, shoulders relaxing.

“He’s just leaving.” Millicent murmured, tipping her chin at the guy as though saying ‘I told you so.” The guy looked more like a college jo ck up close. He was big, probably a varsity player, but looked a little too young to be inside this club.

He glared at me, testing the waters. I narrowed my eyes at him, stepped forward, and he raised his hand.
“Just making conversation, man.” He gave Millicent a once over and shook his head. Then turned and disappeared through
the crowd.

“I was gone for two minutes, and someone’s already trying to steal what’s mine?” I tried to sound casual, but inside, I was gritting. It wasn’t enough that that guy backed down. I want to shove my fist in his face so he’d know not to try taking what’s mine again.

Millicent’s big brown eyes studied me, biting her lip as I took the spot the college jo ck left. Go d. Those eyes, those lips. I wanted to possess Millicent, own her, mark her so no man would even dare look in her direction.

And mind you, tons of those wolfish eyes were pinned on her the moment we stepped inside this club.
She toyed with the olives on her martini glass. It seemed untouched, and her counter was empty apart from that drink..

“Everything okay?” She had to lean closer, so I could hear her over the pulsing music.
I stood closer to her, ordering a glass of whiskey.

While I waited, I faced Millicent and blatantly traipsed my heated gaze over her face, admiring her beauty, “Yeah, it’s been handled. My assistant just wanted to inform me, that’s all.”

She nodded as the bartender slid over my drink. I’m all in tonight since we took a cab here.
“Okay,” she murmured, flipping the olives with the tiny stick.

“Aren’t you gonna drink that?” I nudged her side, tossing back my drink.
She shook her head. “I’m abstaining from alcohol.”

I won’t force her if she doesn’t want to drink, but I knew she needed to unwind. She worries too much, and I want to see the Millicent I was with last Saturday night. “I’m here. I’ll watch over you.”She threw me a sidelong glance. “Like you watched over me last Saturday night?”

If only she knew what truly transpired between us in my room, she’d take that question back.
We didn’t have an audience.

I should keep my hands to myself and leave her be. I promised to take care of her through the validity of this deal and not make a move on her. But I can’t help it. Everything about her drives my senses wild. Her scent, the waves of her hair, f uck, even the way she spoke and looked at me.

I don’t know what it was, but it feels like I’m just getting acquainted with Millicent Alejandro when I’ve known her since we were in elementary school,
I leaned closer, whispering in her ears. The flowery scent of her soap made my mouth water for a taste of her skin. “You weren’t mine back then.”

Her gasp was f ucking loud, her head slowly angled to face me. I deserved that slow blink, but it was da mn hard not to hit on her. I wasn’t any better than the men in this club ogling her or that jo ck I shooed away. I was worse.

Smirking, I slid a possessive hand around her waist. “But now I have a claim on you. I get to punish you if you behave badly, Millicent.”

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