Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 20

Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 20 – -DAMIAN-

I waited for her to sass me, fight me on my blatant claim over her, but she did none of that. She lowered her gaze to her drink, lifted the olives to her lips.

My tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth, fist clenched tightly around my glass, watching her lips part as she swallowed Swiveling on the barstool, her crossed legs bumped on the outside of my thighs.

Her eyelids were heavy, slowly sipping her drink, her pink tongue darting out to lick her lips. “I’m yours, huh?” Her voice was sultry and low. My brows shoot up, challenging her. “Aren’t you?” “Maybe.”

It’s not a flat-out no. 1 smirked and languidly removed the distance between our bodies, leaning my face close to hers.
She wasn’t backing down. Her heated stare matched my own. There were sparks around us that only the two of us could feel.

Something definitely changed in me since Saturday night. Like a moth to a flame, I’m drawn to her.

I wanted to push her to her limits, craving to see how far she’d go before she pushed me away and put her walls up.

This attraction I had for her was driving me insane. It’s nothing like I ever felt before. Women come and go in my life, and I don’t feel any s hit about them leaving.

Sonja was the only exception and now.. Millicent too. I shower my flings with gifts, take them to fancy places, but this is Millicent.

She’s so close to home. We’re both risking too much by getting too deep with each other. Our lips were millimeters apart when she spoke.

“I want that dance now,” she said. Her breath caresses my lips, sweet and minty with a note of alcohol.

After emptying her second martini glass, she slid down her seat and strutted towards the dance floor without a backward glance at me,

I followed the sway of her hips, itching to sp ank that plump as s. F ucking tease. There’s no way she doesn’t know what we’re doing or, more like, what she’s doing to me.

My loafers cemented by the bar, I watched Millicent blend into the dancing crowd, owning it with each passing second.

She settled in my line of sight, eyes locked with mine. Chris Brown and Jhene Aiko’s ‘Post to Be’ pulsed from the speaker. Laser lights raved in the same beat. Millicents’ hips started to move in that se xy sway that had invaded my dre since Saturday.

This was different. She was sober, and the heat in her eyes as she danced for me went straight to my dic
Like a siren in a turbulent sea, she was luring me into weathering the storm and staking my claim on her.

And I want to.
If she’s the price waiting for me at the other end of the storm, it would be f ucking worth it.

Slowly sipping my drink, my eyes feast on the show she was putting on for me. But I wasn’t the only one watchi moved behind her, bravely clasping his paws on her hips. She jerked at his attempt. The confidence she’s flauntin And I knew right then that Millicent was walking on unchartered territory.

night let it play. She kept her eyes locked with mine, grinding against the guy holding her, daring me to claim her. In a bo move, the guy pressed his lip on her shoulder, and I lost it.

I slammed my glass on the counter, nearly breaking it to p Millicent smirked, delight dilating her brown eyes as I approached, a lion ready to stake my claim. Once I was within he reach, she looped her arms around my neck. The guy behind her instantly released her hips.

“Hey baby.” Millicent slurred. To his credit, the guy raised a hand, stepping back without trying to gauge my reaction. “Too you long enough.” “The f uck you’re doing?” I growled, pulling her closer until no space separated our bodies.

She batted her lashes, peering at me with those innocent eyes. “Dancing.

She turned her back on me, slithering her hands up to my nape. The movement caused her breast to push forward and her a ss to push back against my cr otch.

I growled, slipping my hand to her belly. She shivered under my touch. I skimmed a hand in her middle, past her ribcage, until I was clasping her throat. “You know what you are, Millicent?” 1 growled in her ears. my power move or to my question.

She gave no response to my power “You’re a f ucking tease. If you were mine, you’d think twice before doing this stunt.”

She angled her head until her lips ghosted mine. “Too bad I’m only yours for a show, huh?”

I chuckled darkly. She knew how to play her cards well. I like it so f ucking much. I’d enjoy breaking her defiance until she submits to me, until she’s begging for me to take her.

But f uck! What are we even doing? This wasn’t part of the deal, and this woman grinding on me was not the Millicent I had in mind when I offered her that deal. That girl was timid and shy. This Millicent, untamed and wild, was an enigma I needed to fathom.

She circled her perky a ss over my hardening erection, moaning so loud I heard her it over the music. I released her throat, dropped my hands to her hips, and spun her around. Her eyelids fluttered, sucking in a gasp, her wild eyes finding my own.

We stopped moving, lost in each other’s eyes. Her dilated ones dropped to my lips, darting back to my eyes, and her fingers clutched my shirt as she licked her lips.

I don’t know who kissed who, but the next thing I knew, our mouths were devouring one another as though we’d been starving. She pulled me down by my shirt, and 1 gripped her closer by her waist. Our mouths were frantic, wild. Tasting, savoring until we had no choice but to gasp for air.

Foreheads pressed together, still holding each other tightly, our eyes questioning.

“Damian, Millicent whispered, pinching her eyes shut I gripped her jaw, coasting the pad of my thumb over her swollen lips. “You taste so sweet, Millicent.”

Her lips parted, but I gave her no time to protest and dipped for another kiss, drinking the sweetness from her mouth.

1 don’t f ucking know what I’m doing, but G od, she tasted like nothing I had ever tasted before. Sweet, so feminine, and soft.

This time. I took my time savoring her pillowy lips. Licking and biting, teasing, which she returned with equal enthusiasm.

I dared slide my hand lower, grasping a healthy amount of her perky a ss. She squealed against my mouth, and I smiled at her adorable reaction.

How can she be so bold and innocent all at the same time?

She reached for my hair, her fingers tugging and pulling as I dared my tongue inside her parted mouth. Our tongues dueled for dominance, but she slowly caved in, surrendering to me. And hot d amn, this girl could f ucking kiss.

She giggled when we pulled apart, rested her head on my chest, and started dancing. Her glee was contiguous.

I chuckled, buried my face in the crook of her neck as I moved with her. We were dancing against the music, but I couldn’t care less. It felt too good to hold Millicent. What the uck is this girl doing to me?

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