Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 18

Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 18 – -MILLIE

“No wonder they’re asking for a night out,” Damian said.

I told him everything Diana knew, and probably what the entire town knows too by now, and his reaction was that.

A little crease on his forehead, a simple crossing of his brawny arms in his middle, nothing more.

While here I am, a pacing wreck of nerves, a tight bundle of anxiety that would snap at any minute.

He plucked me from the gazebo for a walk, a save from further hearing Mom and Nancy over-enthuse about the engagement party they’re planning for us.

His emergency was truly a non-emergency compared to mine. He asked me if I’d go out with him and his friends for a night out.

“That’s it?” I asked, my sneakers leaving prints on the ground at the Black mansion’s property.

The bespeckle of trees behind the estate had grown leaves over spring. Damian leaned against one pine tree, watching me with calmness in his eyes.

His composure was getting on my nerves. Since we started this fake dating, he’d been so calm with every clout my drunk self created for us.

He raised abrow. “You’re not even mad at me?” I probed, halting my steps, parking a hand on my hip. “I’d be mad at me. Really, really mad.”
A slow smirk tipped his lips. “It’s fascinating, actually,” he explained. “I’ve never seen you so. ruffled.” he chose his words. “So Millicent is human, after all.”

My mouth parted, fire frizzled under my cheeks.
“Ruffled?” I piped, my voice hitching. “I’m more than ruffled, Damian. Try freaking the f uck out!

Have you heard anything that I said: I even had my engagement ring in detail!” I raised my left hand to insist on my point. “I even came up
up with the reason why I wasn’t wearing it! There’s no way around this.”

Damian chuckled, left his post under the tree, and walked to where I was ‘ruffling”

“See? Fascinating. You could be a writer, Millicent.” He tossed an arm over my shoulder, which was becoming a habit of his. “You need a drink.”

He suggested, whisking me back towards the mansion. “And then we can plan on this fake engagement. What do you say?”

“I don’t want to drink anymore.” I pout, permitting him to guide me, subtly sinking into his side. Damian’s calming effect on my nerves grew stronger with every hitch in this deal.

“You need one,” he insisted. “Maybe you can think of another amazing twist in our love story.” I stabbed his side with my

“Aw, why so mean to me, my lovely fiancee?” He feigned hurt, but I couldn’t contain a giggle from escaping me.

Luke Russell owned one of the most popular clubs in the City, Legally Luke’s. We ski pped a long waiting line of people, Damian pushing me forward with a hand on the small of my back.
We approached two bouncers manning the club’s entry. Damian tipped his chin to the bulky guy on the right. “Stan.”

“Boss,” Stan replied, stepping aside to let us in.
Damian removed his hand from my lower back and slid his fingers to clasp mine. The gesture was so casual one would never think we were faking this relationship. He patted Stan’s shoulder whispering something to him.

The rave music pulsed beneath my heels. Laser lights hit me in the face in the same pulsing beat. After Damian and Stan exchanged a few words, Damian curved a hand over my shoulder and guided me through the dance floor.

the U-shaped level on the second floor. Luke and his
Across the entry was a bar, and on each side were stairs leading girlfriend Savannah, Matt, Madeline, and Charlie were already waiting for us.

Madeline and I sat side by side, Charlie and Damian sandwiching us in a crescent-shaped booth designed to provide privacy.
“You two look cute together,” Madeline gushed as soon as the guys dived into a conversation regarding football stats, “Haven’t seen 1 with a girl before,”

Savannah butted in. She was total knockout, with prominent cheekbones, and shiny blond hair that would pass for a shampoo commercial. “But you’re cute,” she shrugged, forcing out that compliment if I could even call it that as though I needed her approval to be Damian’s girlfriend.

“Thanks,” I said, the
e downing my flat tone,
Madeline blabbered about how Damian and I never talked back in high school, dominating the conversation like a talk show. host.

She set a hand over my forearm. Her fingernails sunk into my skin. She was too excited to notice she was about to pull my skin.

“Felicity can’t get over you and Damian,” she twittered. “She kept bugging me for details about you two, Like, what am I gonna give her? The guys didn’t know about your engagement before the reunion!”
Savannah raised an eyebrow. “Why? Damian kept you like his dirty little secret.”

Damian heard Savannah’s comment. “Who’s my dirty little secret?” He tossed an arm over my shoulder yet again.
“Millic, silly.” Madeline supplied. “You two kept it a secret.

“Not anymore.” Damian leaned back and sipped his beer, his thigh brushing against mine. “Pigtails already knows about us Damian kept saving me constantly, I might get used to this kind of treatment. Hunter had never brought me out with his friends.

I only met his colleagues at events or when I visited him at the station. This was quite a pleasant change.
I leaned my head on Damian’s shoulder, the first time I ever initiated to be touchy with him.

We agreed we’d be touchy in public, but it takes a lot of courage to be bold. “Damian’s very understanding and Candice took everything well.”
“Aw,” Madeline cooed, “I’m so happy things are working out for you two.”
“So, how did Damian propose?” Savannah chipped in, her probing blue eyes searing.

All eyes were on us now, putting me on a hot seat. Damian’s composure never wavered, so I decided to put all the weight on him this time. “Why don’t you tell them how you asked me, babe?” I looked up at him, batting my eyel

He peered down at me; our faces were so close his breath brushed my cheeks. Everything about hi scents, his breath, and the way he stared at me. He slid the hand resting on my shoulder to my side. jolted in my seat, gasping, squirming.

“I haven’t proposed properly to her,” he murmured, glancing at his friends. “When I saw Millicent at 1 something unexplainable hit me. She was so da mn beautiful I couldn’t take my eyes off her and wonde nice to have her in my arms. She was still with Hunter back then, but I made a promise to myself.

It lev Millicent, I would” Hiv long, lash gaze met mine. The tenderness sailing over them left me breathless. “I every day with her in my arms,” he smirked, lifting his face. “And when I heard what that f ucker did to her, she’d give me a chance, and here we are.”

“And you said yes?” Matt inquired, brows creased. His indignance still battled me. He had the same tone back að But my recollection of that night cannot be used as solid evidence, anyway me.

His List. I’
“Ah… yes,” I swallowed, still breathless by Daman’s declaration is thumb on my waist kept drawing incoherent pa Each stroke directed a zing toward my center, forcing me to rub my thighs together.

“I mean, when you know, you ki right?” I pat Damian’s chest, electric shock tingling under my palmis. “It doesn’t matter where or how.”
Madeline opened her mouth, ready to fire another question, but Damian rose. “Wanna dance?”

“But I have more questions! Madeline pouted, crossing her arms like a petulant child. “You don’t dance, D, Savannah goaded, frowning.

“Let them be.” Luke tossed an arm over Savannah’s shoulder. “Haven’t seen this version of Damian in a long time.”

Damian glared at Luke, grabbed my hand from my lap, and dragged me away from the booth.

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