Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 17

Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 17 – -MILLIE-

Grilled shrimp, squid, pork, chicken, and salads were served alongside Dad’s very own wine, beers, and mimosas.

The setting sun was warm against my skin. As we laughed and talked about the past, as if the last 10 years hadn’t passed, the afternoon’s pastel hue illuminated the sky above us.

“I heard all about the success you’ve been having at your dad’s company,” Dad cast a compliment to Damian.

Sitting next to me, Damian leaned back in his chair, his thumb circling the condensation in his beer bottle. “

He’s just making all the fuss,” he replied, s lanting his eyes at Erik. No one could deny the resemblance between the two.

Both had ash gray hair, emerald eyes, and handsome good looks in their own rights. “I’m just doing what I’m paid to do.”

In contrast to Damian’s humble response, Erik countered with a smug grin. “He’s just being modest.

The board was so impressed when they learned he’d been working behind the scenes all these years. Caruso even gave me an earful about why I’d been hiding my heir for a decade.” He shook his head. “With the rate he’s going, I’ll be able to retire sooner than planned.”

“Then we can finally make plans for that fishing trip,” Dad chuckled along with Erik, and Damian sighed.
“This wine doesn’t have a label,” Candice commented, scrutinizing the dark bottle of wine Dad brought with him.

“I haven’t put it out on the market yet,” Dad replied.
“What? Why?” Candice prodded, sampling her wine. “It’s delicious, smooth, and crisp, and there’s that pinch of alcohol that I’m chasing with every sip.”

Dad grinned, soaking in Candice’s compliment on his craft. He threw an arm over my mom’s shoulder and said, “Because I made it for Leonor. Mom’s cheeks reddened at Dad’s announcement.

“Aw, that’s so sweet,” Candice cooed, leaning on Aaron’s shoulder Dad’s chest puffed out. “It’s up to her if she’ll put it out on the market. It’s hers.”
“Robert…” Mom whispered, her blush deepened.

“You’re making me fall for you all over again.”
“Aw…” we ladies cooed, awed by their sweet gestures toward one another. No matter how many years have gone by, the way they look at each other hasn’t changed. I’ve always dreamed of finding a love like that.

Erik scratched the stubble covering his jaw, a frown creasing his forehead. “You’re making me look bad.” He reached for Nancy’s hand on the table. “Give me two months, and I’ll name a building after you, darling.”
Nancy giggled, patting Erik’s chest. “You’re ridiculous, Erik. There’s no need to do that for me.”

But knowing Erik, he’d do just that. He loves Nancy more than anything in this world. If he could pluck the moon from the sky and give it to her, he would.
“Geez. The cheesiness,” Candice made a low gagging sound.

“This is something I definitely didn’t miss We all laughed at that, and the topic shifted to the house Candice and Aaron were planning to buy. Erik offered to cover the cost of renovations while Mom and Nancy would do the interion Everyone has a long-term plan if they are not living their long-term plan yet.

While 1, on the other hand, can’t do anything but listen to them.
I had a future planned with Hunter. Since we ended things, that map has turned to ashes. Now, I’m lost in the status quo of a messy life.

I flinched when Damian placed his hand on top of mine, which was resting over my thighs. His fingers grazed my bare legs as he laced our fingers. I turned to face him; he listened keenly to Erik’s suggestion about the renovation.

I tugged my hand from Damian’s hold, but he gripped mine tighter, lifting it to his lips and kissing my knuckles.

Candice, sitting across from me, raised an eyebrow. Mom and Nancy subtly glance in our direction, a meaningful smile tipping their lips.

The boys were oblivious to Damian’s public display of affection
1 feared being alone with the ladies, but it had been a practice that the men would clean up and wash the dishes.

“You and Damian?” Mom gushed as soon as we moved to the gazebo, a drink of our choosing at hand.
“I knew there was something there. Nancy supplied; her eyes were googly. “We’ll definitely become one big family now,

“I can’t wait to plan their wedding. Mom sighed.
“Mom… stop. I groaned. “No one’s planning a wedding because no one is getting married.”

“Oh, hush, Millicent. You don’t have to pretend with us, she shushed me.
“We know everything. Millie honey.” Nancy said. Her face turned serious. “One look, and I knew Hunter was no good for you. Apart from his age.

I heard some really troubling stories about him this morning
“What stories?” Candice asked, curiosity shining in her eyes.

Nancy leaned closer, lowering her voice as she reached for Morn’s hand. “You know Sandra? I went to pick up the pastries from her bakery this morning, and she told me that she saw Detective Lean exiting the Russo’s mansion.

The Russo family had been known for dealing with illegal businesses since I was little. They were one of the wealthiest families in Roslin City. But words go around that their wealth comes from drugs and blood money orry you ended things with him, honey.

You are worth more than a Mom gasped, her gaze landing g on me. “I’m not even sorry diny cop.
Nancy shrugged. “It’s only a story until the court proves him guilty, Lenny. But I assure you, our Millicent is in good hands with Damian.”

“And we understand you guys want things on a low profile. Mom’s worry quickly morphed into glee. I don’t know how she’s doing that. I was still processing Hunter being tangled with the Russos. He’d been after that family since the beginning of his career. He told me so.

“And we will definitely do just that,” Nancy supplied. Their eyes spoke with such emotion that I couldn’t keep up.

I looked at Candice helplessly. “What are they talking about? She shrugged, clearly as clueless as I was.

“What do you mean?” I reached for my untouched glass of wine, needing to wash down the bile rising in my throat.

“Oh, you don’t have to be subtle about it with us, Millie,” Nancy murmured. “Diana already told us about your plan Diana was Felicity’s grandmother.

She was enamored by Damian’s charms, pairing her granddaughter with him since they were teenagers. Fear blanketed my skin like a cocoon of thick comforters, and I found it hard to breathe.

“What “She said she didn’t like the idea of you marrying Damian, Mom said grunly “She’s still vetting Felicity and Damian. Can you imagine that? Felicity is already engaged, for crying out loud!”

I hadn’t seen or talked with Diaria in forever, which only meant Felicity ranted about us. I bit my lip, wondering who else she told about our fake engagement. If I was at 60-40 before, I am 100 percent sure now that that conversation in the lady’s room took place.

“She’s talking nonsense.” I swiped my clammy palms over the fabric of my denim shorts, doing my best to play it cool. “I haven’t even seen Diana for over a decade!”
“Felicity told her about your engagement,” Nancy clarified. They did more than just “hear” Diana talk about us. “And we get it, honey,”

“What exactly did she tell you?” I was in a full-blown panic now. What the hell did I blabber that night to Felicity? I guess I am about to find out
“That you and Hunter had a falling out even before you found him with Natalie,” Mom murmured.

“And Damian was there for you all those times, patiently waiting for you to end things with Hunter,” Nancy added, a heartfelt pinch in her tone. “I knew deep down that boy’s player facade was a truly romantic heart,” she cooed. If I wasn’t in the center of this conversion, I would’ve laughed at how Candice rolled her eyes,

“And he can’t wait to marry my daughter!” Mom gushed, her voice hitching an octave higher in excitement.

“Too bad you can’t wear the diamond ring he gave you,”
“Diamond ring?” I squeaked.
This story just keeps getting better and better. Maybe I should switch careers and be a writer instead.

“We get it,” Nancy mumbled. “You’re avoiding the gossip because of Hunter and Natalie, but we’d like to engagement ring soon.” She wiggled her brows.
Oh, my g od. I even had the specifics for the ring!
Candice choked on her mimosa, her shoulder quaking. “I want to see that ring too!”

I glared at my best friend, freezing at Nancy’s next words.
see your two-karat
“And about the wedding, Millic honey. Nancy reached for my hand, squeezing it. “Lenny and I have that covered.

Don’t worry.
I’m not worried. I’m freaking the f uck out!”

“Uh huh,” Mom nodded enthusiastically.
I hope this leather couch I’m sitting on would c rack open and swallow me whole. It dawned on me that if Diana knew, the whole town would also know.

She prances around town every weekend like a siren wailing about other people’s lives. This would blow up in my face sooner rather than later.

Damian stepped out of the sliding door connecting the kitchen and the pool. His eyes instantly found mine, and I instantly, knew I went in over my head in the freaking reunion. And I’m about to pay the price.

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