Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 16

Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 16 – -MILLIE-

The Saturday night dinner with Mom and Nancy escalated into a family get-together in the blink of an eye.

I was tempted to stay in Manhattan, give petty reasons for being busy, and more, but when Mom mentioned Dad would join us, I gave in.

I know how busy dad was every summer season in his vineyard at Clarke Bay.

The last time we gathered together like this was on our graduation day- not counting Candice’s wedding-so missing out on today’s afternoon barbecue at the Black mansion was not an option.

My backpack hung heavy on my shoulder, and I moved with the throng of people exiting the boarding bridge.

I scrolled through my phone, searching for Candice’s contact. I pressed the call button, scanning the airport and lifting the phone to my cars, My head whipped back, my ponytail slapping my face as I did a double take at the guy leaning against one huge pillar of the terminal.

My breath hitched. He was already watching me.
I’m going to kill Candice! I told her everything about Damian and my dilemma about seeing him again.

She promised she’d pick me up, at least that would give me time to prepare myself for the inevitable.
Uncrossing his arms, Damian smirked, relishing my surprise.

My heart thumped erratically when he came walking in my direction. He was dressed for the summer- a gray tee, khaki shorts, and sneakers. The tips of his gray curls sticking out from his backward baseball cap, aviator sunglasses on, concealing his eyes.

Frozen on my spot, uncertainty settled in my belly, my insides twisting into knots. Our conversation on Wednesday night flooded my head. Over the last two days, we exchanged messages regarding the clauses of our deal and how we’ll play this relationship in front of our families.

Things were much easier said over a message than in person.
The sight of him unnerved me in ways I couldn’t comprehend.

“Millicent.” He halted a foot away from me, playing with the keys in his hands.
I clutched my phone, biting my lip as I scanned the crowd, unsering. “What are you doing here?”

His brows shoot up. I hate that I can’t see his eyes. “Picking up my girlfriend.”

“Damian…”I started, breath hitching when his hand shot up. Through my sleeveless tank top, his rough finge exposed skin of my shoulder when he grabbed my backpack. His touch roused gooseflesh to blanket my skin “Let’s go.

He didn’t give me time to protest and removed the distance between us. He threw an arm over my sho certain my heart would burst out of my chest when he did. I swallowed the lump in my throat, walking with him airport to his truck. I was moving on autopilot, his closeness short-circuiting my brain.

I waited until we were both seated inside the car.
“Is everyone already in the mansion?” I couldn’t hide the tension in my voice.

My nerves were knotted so tightly that I feared they would snap. And we don’t have an audience yet. How am I going to g through this afternoon with our families?
Damian hummed a yes, sounding calm and collected “Dad even came. Can you believe it?” he chuckled, shoulder checking and backing out of the parking lot.

“He cut short his business trip in London just to have a barbecue in his backyard.” Damian entered the freeway. I blew a breath and brushed the mischievous strands of my hair out of my face. He left the windows open, allowing the familiar Roslin City air to fill the inside of his truck.

“I think I’m going to mess this up.” I voiced the muddled thoughts cluttering my head in the last twenty-four hours.
He threw a mild glance at me. “It’s just our families, Millicent. Relax.”

“That’s exactly why I’m going to mess this up. They know me too well.” I’ve been rehearsing how I’ll act around Mom and explain to her how I ended up with Damian just twenty-four hours after my engagement with Hunter ended.

She would squeeze me for details, that is for sure. One look and she’d know something was bothering me. Panic started to swell in my throat with each mile we covered. “Just don’t fight me, and we’ll be fine.” We pulled in front of the mansion. “What does that mean?” I slide out of the truck.

Damian swung my backpack over his shoulder, rounded the car, and came to my side. “Why would I fight you?”
He didn’t answer, and once again threw his arms over my shoulder.

The warmth of his body, his fresh waterfall, and rain scent embracing me weren’t helping my situation. Web
We agreed with PDA, but Damian getting touchy with me ignited havoc in my system.

We haven’t been together for more than an hour, and I’m already a mess of knotted nerves.
In my sneakers, I barely reached his shoulder as he tucked me to his side. We walked up the stairs leading to the threshold.

The double doors were open, Strawberry Fields Forever by the Beatles crooned from the speakers, a tell that Dad was already here
He loved the Beatles, and I grew up dancing to their songs.

As we walked through the door, Damian put a big hand on the small of my back, causing a different kind of panic to spark inside me.

As we crossed their massive living room to the kitchen, the aroma of grilling meat wafted in the air. Waves of laughter and voices drift along with the music.
Mom was the first to see us. Delight crossed her face, a broad smile tugging her lips.

Everyone was gathered under the pergola on the other side of the pool. Thin white sheets meticulously slithered poles and beams sway with the soft summer air.
Mom and Nancy were setting the plates on the long outdoor table.

The same table accommodated our Sunday lun dinner in this mansion until high school graduation. Nancy followed Mom’s line of sight; pure glee sparkled in her taking in Damian and me.

Dad and Erik, Damian’s dad, were busy with the grill, Aaron helping them. Candice was sipping a mimosa on one of t Rattan couches, watching me lose my sh it. I narrowed my eyes on her. “You’ll pay for this later, I thought. Her brows shot up, smirking as though she could hear my thoughts.

Ugh! I hate her sometimes. My steps faltered, but Damian put his arms around my shoulder, tucking me to his side. I was stiff as a board as we continued trailing on the side of the pool. He leaned down, his hot breath blew against my ear. “Don’t fight me. Try to relax.

My hands were cold as ice. “I’m nervous,” I whispered, plastering the most beautiful smile I could put on. “I’ll take care of everything.” Daman whispered against my hair. “Okay,” I squeaked, tripping on my fool. Damian caught me by the waist, steadying me, and guided me forward. “If you seem nervous, they’ll notice it.

Try not to pull away. Just go with it.” His lips caressed my forehead. “Go with it.” I parroted.
“Yep.” He squeezed my waist. I gasped. An electric shock lit up under my skin where he touched me. “Just go with it, baby,”

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