Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 15

Faking it with Damian Black Novel Chapter 15 – -MILLIE-

I heaved a breath, took one last glance at Damian, and rose from my chair.

“Thank you for dinner,” I said, gathered my things, and ran towards the exit.

“What?” Damian scrambled to his feet, pulled out his wallet, and dropped a few bills on the table. “Millicent, where are you going!!

I gathered spectators as I shuffled towards the elevator. The staccato of my stilettos rose in discard with my speeding pulse.

Stepping inside the elevator, 1 jabbed my fingers at the close door button as if the building was on fire. I glanced up.

Darmian patted the shoulders of the bar manager, skirted past him, and took huge, determined strides in my direction.

He cursed loudly as the door closed. I was flustered when I reached the lobby, my chin tucked against my collarbone, shame crawling underneath my skin.

I raced towards the street. hailing a cab in time for Damian to step out of the building. “Millicent! Go dda mit!” He cursed.

I slid into the cab’s back seat, not daring to look back, and ordered the driver to get me out of there as though my life depended on it.

His studying gaze, those intense green eyes wanting to read my soul, and the kiss on the sidewalk-everything made sense now. He knew my deepest, darkest secret. Even Candice didn’t know what was going on in my S** life.

Within seconds. tonight topped my unforgettable night in the most negative way
The cab stopped at my building. I paid the cabby and rode the elevator up to my floor; the tension in my body eased a bit.

But as soon as the lift door parted. I debated whether to continue forward or run back to the elevator’s safety. There was a very upset six-foot-one caveman glaring my way. How Damian managed to beat me here is beyond me.

He pushed off from the wall where he’d been leaning, faced me, and folded his arms in his middle. His gaze could melt glaciers.
I willed my feet to move, one foot in front of the other. My legs threatened to give up on me under Damian’s heated glare
“That wasn’t very nice, Millicent.” His tone was sharp. Annoyance flared in his emerald pools.

My fingers trembled as I opened the door. This conversation cannot happen in the hallway. It was embarrassing enough th Damian knew intimate details about my S**ual relationship with Hunter. Having my neighbors eavesdrop on this topic wa the last thing I needed.

Damian invited himself in and closed the door behind him.
“I can’t do this, Damian,” I murmured, heading towards my kitchen and opening the wine cabinet, looking for something stronger than beer.
“Do what?” He parked his huge figure across my kitchen island, his presence taking up all the space in my apartment.

I faced him, unscrewed the pinot noir, and drank straight from the bottle.
Yes. I’m breaking my promise to watch my alcohol intake. The wine warmed my throat, giving me a boost to meet Damian’s gaze.

“This, my forefinger wagged back and forth between us. “I can’t.”
His brows creased, the tips of his hips curling in annoyance “You’re backing out?” I nodded “Because I know you had a huge crush on me back in high school, and your p sycho ex makes you do things you can’t stomach?”

“Geez, Damian.” I sank my fingers through my hair, raking the strands harshly. “Strip me bare, will you?”
His lips twitched, picking up the innuendo in my statement. I rolled my eyes and took another gulp of wine.

“We haven’t finished talking about the terms. He rounded the island and opened the fridge, frowning as he closed it. He neared me, sna tched the bottle of wine, and took a long pull before saying, “You need beer in that fridge.”

He stood beside me, our shoulders brushing, our as s es pressed against the counter.
“There’s nothing to talk about. I’m out.” I took the wine from him, tipping the bottle to my lips.
“Why?” He sounded genuinely confused.

“Because… Damian,” I groaned.
“Because what, Millicent..” he mimicked my exasperated tone.

“Ugh!” I swiped my mouth with the back of my hand, wiping the rivulets of wine from my lips. “How can I pretend we’re together when I can’t even look you in the eyes?”
“Is it because I’m too beautiful that you find it hard to breathe?” His teasing tone set my cheeks on fire.

Oh, my G od! Did I really tell him everything in detail? That’s how I entered his name in my diary for over four years.
“That was a long time ago, I huffed, fighting the cold sweat forming on the base of my spine.

“Sure it was, so what’s the issue?” He asked, our fingers brushing when he took the wine bottle from me. “Don’t tell me it’s because your ex is a ps ycho.”
“Can we not?” I stepped away from him, but he grabbed my forearm, towing me back until I was pressed against his body.

“That’s your issue?” His brows wrinkled, genuine confusion blanketing his face. “Why? And stop f ucking running, or I’ll tie you up. Millicent.”
My mouth parted at his threat, my heart smashing against my breastbone, and my inside throbbed… with need. I’ve always pictured Damian as dominant and possessive. Images of me tied up in his bed, moaning and writhing underneath him, flooded my head.

“What the hell is wrong with me?
“I’m ashamed, okay?” Defeat settling on my belly. At night, when I’m alone in bed. I still cry over Hunter, justifyin actions.

Apart from being busy with work, there were some things I could not fulfill as Hunter’s girlfriend. Yes, I h but sometimes, he gets too controlling in bed, forcing me to do things I cannot swallow.

A low growl rumbled from Damian’s chest, eyes sla nting. “If someone should be ashamed, it’s definitely not you, p erv ert ex.”
“It’s not his fault I cannot give him everything he needs, okay!” wriggled my arm from his grip. He only tightened on me.

He huffed, and then my world spun. The next thing I knew, Damian had me trapped with his body against the counter white steam billowing from his ears and nose.
“Did he ask for your consent before doing those things to you?” His voice was almost a snarl.

“What?” I was too stunned to process his question. “Answer the f ucking question, Millicent.” If he was annoyed earlier, he was enraged now.
“We’re not talking about this, Damian.” I flattened my hand on his chest, his heartbeat drumming against my palms.

“Yes, we are.” He grabbed my wrists and pinned them behind my back, my breast pushed against his chest. “Did he?” I kept my mouth shut, refusing to discuss my f ucked up S** life with him.

His gaze softened, but his iron grip remained. “Answer me. For this to work, I should know how your ex f ucked you up.”
Thoughts of Hunter touching me flashed in my head. My fear and the pain he inflicted on me when I refused to submit to him.

1 caved. “At first, he did,” I grunted, my voice thick with shame. Heat exploded from my chest. “But he has needs I had to fulfill them, Damian.”
Growling, Damian let an inch separate our bodies, releasing my wrists, slithering his left hand on my hips, holding me close. “

That’s not how a relationship should work. Yes, a man has needs, but forcing you to do sh it against your will isn’t justified by that “Damian..” I was mortified that he knew my secret, and realizing he was right made my stomach twist, pushing bile up my throat. “Please. I don’t want to talk about this anymore.”

I kept everything to myself, how Hunter treated me when I refused to have S** with him or let him tie me up and use things on my body that I didn’t even know existed.

“Your ex is a f ucking maniac.” Damian growled. “First, he manipulated you and treated you like s hit. The more I learn about him, the more I’m convinced you are better off without him. He doesn’t deserve you, Millicent. He’s a good for nothing cheater and a f ucking p sycho.”

“It’s my fault he cheated on me. I’m not defending Hunter. He’s not even here, and we’re not even together. But I’m aware of my shortcomings. At some point, I even considered that one of the reasons he cheated on me. “Hunter said I am the problem. Can we just stop talking about this?”

I reached for the abandoned wine on the counter and drained the last of it.
“I’m not letting you out of this deal,” he insisted, leaning back on the island, facing me. I was ready to question his motives when he explained.

“This isn’t you. I hate that f ucker for planting that self-doubt in you. He took advantage of you. He’ll know what he lost and regret what he did to you. I assure you that.”

It’s really sweet that he wanted to help me, but how will I move on from this? He knew the things Candice didn’t know about. “I don’t know if I can pull this off, Damian,” I sighed. “After knowing what you learned about me.”

He stepped forward, reaching for my face. His touch was gentle, pilting my chin up, forcing me to look into his eyes. “You don’t have to feel embarrassed about it, Millicent. How I see you haven’t changed. I’ll take care of you.” He kissed my forehead; the tender gesture caught me off guard.

“I’ll see you on Saturday.” He left me standing there, speechless. I eyed the door where Damian had disappeared. Time ticked by, and I still couldn’t wrap my mind around what had happened tonight.

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