Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 339

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 339 – Clive received the news of his sister‘s arrival a long time ago,

o he did not admonish his sister for barging into his office like this. “Why are you running so fast? Is there a ghost chasing after
you?” Clive put down his fountain pen. Since his sister was here, he would not be able to work for the time being.

“Didn‘t you go to York Corporation to wait for Zachary today? How many times have I said this? Zachary isn‘t suitable for you, nor will he fall in love
with you, but you don‘t believe me and refuse to give up. Did you get hurt by him again? Clive got up and walked around his desk.

hen his sister came closer, relooked at her pale face with distress. “What did Zachary do to you?” He was not in favor of his sister‘s pursuit of Zachary,
but he would never allow Zachary to hurt her. “Clive.” Elisa grabbed her brother‘s arm and asked anxiously,“ Clive, tell me quickly.

Is Zachary single or married?” Clive was stunned and said, “Why are you asking this question? Everyone in Wiltspoon knows that Zachary is single. He doesn‘t
even have a friend of the opposite sex. With his kind of temperament,

he doesn‘t allow young women to approach him unless they’re relatives. Only you have the audacity to openly pursue him. “I even told Zachary that it‘s thanks
to you that he can have the experience of being wooed. He‘ll be forever alone with no one to appreciate him.”

“Zachary was wearing a ring on his left ring finger. Is he really single? Could it be that we just didn‘t know that he was married?”
“…Zachary is wearing a wedding band? But he‘s really not married.” The two companies were fierce competitors,

and Clive had always kept an eye on Zachary. He would be the first to know if Zachary got married. Furthermore, with Zachary‘s identity, how could no one
know that he got married? His marriage would be a sensation in Wilt spoon. “Then why is he wearing a wedding ring?”

Clive said in amusement, “How would I know? Maybe he wore it on a whim. Many people do that. Unmarried people also wear a ring or two, and people
trying to show off their wealth will even wear rings on all ten fingers.

“I once saw an upstart who did that exact same thing. He wore gold rings on all ten fingers, a thick gold chain, gold bracelets on both wrists, a gold watch,
and so on. In short, he was completely decked out in gold. It was like he was worried that people wouldn‘t know he was rich.”

People like them who were truly rich kept a much lower profile. In their circle, people who adorned themselves with jewelry all over their body
were just upstarts. “Did he wear a ring on his left ring finger purposely to make me give up on him?”

Clive pulled his sister to the sofa to take a seat. He poured a cup of warm water and handed it to her. Then, he sat down beside her and flicked her
head and said dotingly, “My sister is the smartest. “Elisa, since you know that Zachary is doing this to make you give up, you should just give up.

There are many young talents in Wilt spoon. As long as you like someone who isn‘t Zachary, I‘ll try my best to bring you two together.”
Elisa‘s face was not as pale after she realized that Zachary only did that to make her give up. She took a sip of warm water and said,

“As long as Zachary is still single, I have my eyes set on him. I‘m not marrying anyone except him!” Unless he was already married.

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