Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 352

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 352 – Aversion

Noticing that her father had given her no response, Estella pushed her plate forward and egged Lucian on.

Lucian finally snapped out of his surprise and put some veggies on Estella’s plate. She lowered her head and started to eat.

Her appetite was obviously much better than before. Estella finished her dinner and wiped her mouth clean before heading upstairs.

Lucian called out her name, stopping Estella in her tracks. “Essie.” Estella stopped and turned around to look at Lucian in a puzzled manner.

Lucian met her gaze and could no longer restrain himself as he asked, “Did you go to Ms. Jarvis’ place today?”

The little girl’s lips pursed into a hard line after listening to her father. Then, she lowered her head and appeared reluctant to divulge anything to Lucian.

He got up from his seat and walked over to Estella’s side. Lucian carried her to the couch and said, “I called Ms. Ward. She told me.”

Estella furrowed her brows and said, “I don’t like Ms. Ward.” She had promised Estella that she would not tell Lucian about this.

Lucian eased her furrowed brows and corrected her, “Ms. Ward was right. You are my daughter.

I have the right to know about your whereabouts at school. Besides, Catalina told me that you came back on your own.

I was worried, and I could only ask Ms. Ward what happened. She was surprised to hear what happened too.”

stella looked guilty and uttered in a small voice, “Not on my own.” Lucian had expected that reply.

Lucian patted her head and said, “I know. Ms. Jarvis must have sent you home. I explained it to Ms. Ward too.”

he tense expression on her face eased a little. “Why can’t you tell me about going to Ms. Jarvis’ place?” Lucian asked softly.

Of course, he already had an answer. However, he would not deign to admit it to himself. Estella merely shook her head in silence.

Lucian frowned slightly and egged her on, “Did she ask you to do this?” Estella immediately shook her head and hurriedly explained,

“Essie wanted to!” “Why? Do you think I will stop you from seeing Ms. Jarvis?” Lucian asked.

Estella, who would hardly speak to him, jumped to defend Roxanne. Lucian could not help but feel defeated. Estella lowered her head and said nothing.

Silence stretched between the father and daughter duo for some time. Lucian could not help but feel that something was amiss.

Ever since he met Archie and Benny, he could sense that the two were averse to him.

Moreover, Lucian sensed that their aversion toward him had reached its peak recently. He could forgo that.

However, he could not forgo the fact that even Estella was trying to hide something from him.

stella had no idea about her true identity, and yet she was already defending and siding with Roxanne.

Lucian even surmised that Estella might think that both himself and Roxanne were equally important.

Silence continued to fill the air for some time. Just when Lucian was about to give up questioning Estella, she suddenly said in her innocent voice,

“Ms. Jarvis does not like you.” Lucian’s brows creased. The little girl lifted her head and looked at Lucian and gave her father a wistful gaze.

“Ms. Jarvis will chase you away.” Even though Estella stopped at that, Lucian knew the little girl actually had more to say.

If Lucian knew that she was going to Roxanne’s place, he would have tagged along. Roxanne had been keeping her distance from him.

If she saw that Lucian was also there, Roxanne would have chased him away, and Estella would not be welcome either.

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