Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 313

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 313 – Chelsea hung up the phone in fury, unable to get Liberty to come home now
despite rushing the latter twice.

Chelsea said to her mother, “Mom, Liberty is at her sister‘s shop. She said something about Sonny being asleep and will only head home when
Sonny‘s awake. She told us to collect the keys from her.” Furrowing her brows, Mrs. Brown replied peevishly,“

You can carry Sonny home if he‘s asleep. Serenity owns a car. She can drive them home, and it won‘t take up a lot of her time.”
Mrs. Brown believed her daughter–in–law was deliberately making them wait at the door.

“She must be doing it on purpose. She‘s making us wait here for her.” Chelsea shared the same sentiment about her sister–in law.
“Mom, you‘ve forgotten to bring your keys before, and Liberty was not home either.

She would rush home to unlock the door whenever we called her. She never left us waiting for a long time, unlike now. Mom, I think Liberty has
changed since her fight with Hank.” Mrs. Brown replied, “Yeah, I guess so.” Chelsea ranted,

“Liberty beat up Hank the last time and refused to bring him home. We had to persuade Hank to go home, and we were only doing it for Sonny.
We would’ve gotten Hank to kick her out if it weren‘t for Sonny. “The house is Hank‘s. Hank can throw her out if she gets on our nerves!”

Liberty used to embrace her sister–in–law despite all the criticisms and fault– finding because Chelsea was her husband‘s sister.
Now that Chelsea found Liberty more of an eyesore, she wanted nothing more than her brother to leave Liberty.

Her brother could get a young and beautiful woman like Jessica after the divorce, but nobody would want Liberty once Hank ditched her.
Liberty‘s choices for a new husband would be limited to old men in their eighties. “You can talk about that in front of me, but don‘t say that to Hank.”

Mrs. Brown had a problem with Liberty, but for the sake of her grandson and the peace in her son‘s marriage, Mrs. Brown had to warn her daughter.
Her daughter might just speak ill of her daughter–in–law to her son again. “Got it, Mom. I wonder if Lucas would cry at home.”

Chelsea did not bring her son along for once. Her son had not recovered from the flu, and it was a viral infection. Her parents were worried
Lucas would pass the flu to Sonny if Chelsea brought him along. Mrs. Brown said, “Your dad‘s there. Lucas‘s fever has gone down.

His cough would take some time to go though. The flu is still contagious. We can bring him next time when he‘s all better.”
LLLL Chelsea pursed her lips and replied, “You and your dad favor Sonny. Lucas doesn‘t have a fever now,

but you won‘t let me bring him since you‘re scared Sonny might catch the flu from Lucas.” 1 Her mom poked her in the head and told her off,
“Sonny carries the Brown name. He‘s the grandson of the Brown family. Lucas‘s last name is Renton.

He also has your husband‘s side of the family. So, you can‘t compare them. LL “Besides, I‘ve never taken care of Sonny since he was born.
All I do is have a quick playtime with him whenever I come for a visit.

Your dad and I have been caring for your three children from the day they were born. You should be happy with that. L11 “Your brother gives me five thousand bucks a month for living expenses, and all the money is spent on your family.

Your brother and his wife are kind enough not to fuss about it but don‘t take everything for granted. How can you accuse me of playing favorites?“
Lucas has the viral flu. You didn‘t let him out to play with his friends in case he might give the flu to someone else‘s child.

Why aren’t you concerned that your own nephew might catch it?” Chelsea clung to her mother‘s arm and sweet–talked,“ I‘m sorry, Mom.
It came out wrong. I just didn‘t want to be away from Lucas. We‘re only going home tomorrow. Lucas is still young.

I feel bad about leaving him while he‘s sick. “Sonny is my nephew. I only have one nephew. Of course, I love him. I love Sonny and my son all the same.”“Don‘t say something like that again. It‘s disheartening.” Chelsea immediately answered, “I promise I won‘t, Mom.”

She knew her parents helped her out the most.

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