Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 314

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 314 – Chelsea had her parents‘

help to look after the children and do the school run while Liberty had to become a full time housewife without any help.
Liberty‘s dependency on Hank‘s income gave the Browns an excuse to put the screws on her.

Mrs. Brown and Chelsea waited for a while before Liberty returned with Sonny. Serenity emerged behind the mother and son.
Serenity was carrying a bag of seafood bought from the market. Mrs. Brown and Chelsea wanted to have a go at Liberty when she arrived,

but the sight of Serenity at the back made them hold their tongues. After the domestic violence incident, Mrs. Brown and Chelsea went to look for
Serenity but had to flee from Serenity‘s harsh tirade. Since then, they were haunted by Serenity‘s presence.

Sonny.” Mrs. Brown quickly put on a smiling face as she went forth to pick Sonny up from his stroller. “Oh, Sonny. I miss you so much.”
Holding her grandson up, Mrs. Brown planted kisses on LILLE both sides of his cheeks. “Granma.”

onny lifted his arm to brush the areas that were kissed before greeting his grandmother. Chelsea pinched his little cheek and said with a smile,“
Long time no see. You have chubby cheeks that give a nice squeeze, unlike my son who has gotten thinner.”

Sonny slapped away her aunt‘s grip on his face. His aunt was pinching him so hard that it hurt. Before Liberty could say anything, Mrs. Brown
reproached her daughter, “It‘s not nice to call a child fat. “Sonny isn‘t chubby. He‘s just right.” Mrs. Brown believed Lucas was a bigger size.

“Ah, Serenity‘s here too.” Mrs. Brown politely greeted Serenity as if she just took notice of Serenity now. Serenity replied faintly, “Yeah.
I drove my sister and Sonny back.”She handed the bag of seafood to Chelsea. “Your seafood.” Chelsea was living the life.

She had her parents‘ help to run the household and could come over to her brother‘s place to ease whatever craving she had.
Only a ridiculous family like the Browns could raise andaughter like Chelsea. Chelsea took the bag and opened it up right away for a look.

She exclaimed, “Why is the shrimp so small? The crabs are tiny. You should get an Alaskan King Crab or something. You an‘t get much out of these tiny crabs.” She loved to eat the meat in the crab claws. Only the bigger–sized crabs had the plump flesh in the pinchers.

While opening the front door, Liberty responded, “Hank only gave me three hundred bucks for the seafood. Seafood is expensive. What can three
hundred bucks get?” Chelsea snapped back, “You‘re going halves on everything, remember? Hank gave you three hundred bucks,

so you have to fork another three hundred out of your pocket. Six hundred dollars should be enough to get better quality and bigger seafood.”
After opening the door, Liberty grabbed her son over from her mother–in–law and glanced at her sister–in law. She replied in a flat tone,

“Hank should be paying for his family‘s groceries and meals. Similarly, I‘ll cover for my family‘s meals when they visit.”

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