Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 99

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 99 – Roxanne was indeed knackered. Usually, she was a light sleeper.

However, she slept so soundly that night and didn’t even realize that she was being brought upstairs to the guest room.
Lucian came to a stop beside the bed and placed her down. He made sure her head was resting on the pillow before he got to his feet.

Behind them, Catalina’s grin widened when she saw how Lucian took care of Roxanne. She put Estella beside Roxanne and tucked them in before
stepping back. As Lucian was still gazing at Roxanne, she offered, “Mr. Farwell, why don’t you get some rest? I’ll keep them company.

You have to head to the office tomorrow, right?” Lucian shook his head. “No need for that. I’m not tired. Essie’s sick, so I’ll take care of her myself. You can get off work now.” Catalina was amused. He’s worried about Ms. Estella?

But his eyes are fixed on Ms. Jarvis! Hmm, it should be a good idea to leave them alone. They can spend some time together and hopefully grow closer as a family. With that thought in mind, Catalina left the room quietly. The only light source in the room came from a dim night lamp.

Under the light, Lucian observed Roxanne’s features without a word. She still had the same gorgeous face from six years ago, but when her eyes
were open, she would be a completely different person. In fact, he found himself attracted to her now when he wasn’t interested in her in the past,

I wonder how she spent the last six years. A while later, Roxanne’s brows furrowed all of a sudden. Lucian frowned as well. Is she having a nightmare? What could it be? She seems uneasy even when she’s asleep. In a dream, Roxanne was back to the day when Lucian shot her a disgusted look.

He didn’t even utter a word, but Roxanne could already tell what he was going to say. She staggered backward and covered her ears so she wouldn’t
hear what he had to say. Even so, the man’s cruel words resonated in her brain, “I’ll never like you!”

That sentence reverberated around and refused to die down. Feeling suffocated, Roxanne struggled for some time before jolting awake.
Her surroundings were dark, so it felt like she was still in a dream. Roxanne’s heart sank to her stomach.“

What’s wrong? Did you ave a nightmare?” Lucian’s deep voice rang beside her. His voice overlapped with the voice she heard in her dream.
Roxanne’s heart lurched as she lifted her head to look at him. The man stood in the shadows, so his expression wasn’t visible.

When she didn’t reply to him, he frowned and took another step forward. Roxanne thought she was still in her dreams and panicked when he moved.
Instinctively, she held the corner of the bed and retreated hastily. Lucian halted in his tracks and softened his voice. “

What did you dream of?” After he stepped out of the shadows, Roxanne saw the concern on his face. It took a few seconds for Roxanne to realize that she was no longer dreaming. She regained her composure and replied calmly, “Nothing. It was just a nightmare.”

She turned and saw Estella sleeping soundly beside her. Reaching out, she felt the little girl’s forehead. Estella’s fever had subsided by now, so she should be doing fine by morning. Roxanne retracted her hand and got out of bed.

After tidying herself, she said softly, “Essie will recover by morning, but make sure she doesn’t catch a cold. I should head back now”
When she spun on her heels to leave, a large hand grabbed her wrist at once.

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