Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 100

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 100 – Roxanne stopped and turned at her shoulder in confusion.

Lucian’s brows were knitted deeply. “It’s four in the morning. You only slept for a while, so I won’t let you drive back home alone. Besides, what will I tell
Essie? You promised you wouldn’t leave. If she wakes up and doesn’t see you around, she’ll definitely kick up a fuss and might even run to your house.

She’s still weak. What if she gets sick again?” When she heard that, Roxanne frowned. She didn’t want to stay here after her earlier nightmare.
Nevertheless, she did promise Estella that she would stay the night.

Sensing her dilemma, Lucian scowled and declared, “Don’t worry. Essie only needs you now. In the future, I won’t let her disturb your life if it’s nothing important.” With that said, he released his grip on her. Roxanne found his words strange, for it felt as though he was mocking her for no reason.

An uneasy feeling rose in her heart. Estella rolled over as though she had sensed Roxanne’s departure. The little girl patted the empty bed and whined softly.Hearing that, they both turned to look at her. Roxanne couldn’t bring herself to break her promise to Estella.

She hesitated before saying, “I’ll keep Essie company. Mr. Farwell, I don’t think it’s suitable for you to remain here when I sleep, though.”
Clearly, she wanted him to leave. Silence ensued as Lucian’s fury heightened. In the end, he replied icily, “Allright.

Please take good care of Essie, then.” He then stormed out of the room. As the door clicked shut, Roxanne sighed in relief and went back to lie down
beside Estella. Estella inched nearer to her as though she was seeking warmth.

Roxanne felt her heart going soft, and she reached out to pull the little girl into her arms. Estella’s lips curled as she sighed comfortably in her mother’s embrace. The sight made Roxanne’s heart melt. The anxiety caused by her earlier nightmare faded into thin air, and she fell asleep gradually.

The next morning, Estella woke up in Roxanne’s arms. Her eyes lit up in delight when she realized she had spent the night in
Roxanne’s embrace. I’m so happy Ms. Jarvis didn’t leave and even spent the night with me! How I wish she could do the same every day.

Romana was half awake when she sensed Estella’s laser-like gaze. Her mind cleared, and she woke up. That was when she met Estella’s sparkling
eyes. Flashing a grin, she asked, “Good morning. Are you still unwell?” Estella shook her head profusely.

Roxanne’s lips curved. “Good. Time to get up now.” She sat up from bed. Catalina knocked on the door and came in with fresh clothes. After that, Roxanne helped her to change Estella’s clothes. When they were done, Catalina wanted to bring Estella to the bathroom so the latter could wash up.

However, Estella refused to let Catalina take her hand. “Ms. Jarvis, why don’t you bring Ms. Estella to the bathroom?” Catalina
understood the little girl’s intention and handed her to Roxanne. Roxanne was used to taking care of her sons and agreed readily.

She then brought Estella into the bathroom. After washing up, she braided Estella’s hair. Halfway through the braid, Estella brightened up and stared at the mirror earnestly. She didn’t move an inch from her spot in the chair.

Lucian stood outside the bathroom, dressed in his suit. The buttons on his shirt were undone, so it was obvious that he had just woken up and washed
up. He watched silently as Roxanne braided Estella’s hair.

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