Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 93

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 93 – Panne overheard Catalina’s words through the phone and know Estella wasn’t feeling well.

She promptly got worried. After hearing what Lucian had to say, she made a U-turn and sped toward the Farwell residence.
Twenty minutes later, her car rolled to a stop outside the Farwell residence. Recalling Estella’s condition, Roxanne shot the man a dubious look.

“Take good care of Essie. If you need my help, just let me know anytime.” Lucian met her gaze mockingly. “If you’re that worried about her, why don’t
you take a look at her? Besides, Essie adores you. If she sees you when she’s sick, I believe she’ll feel better.”

With that said, he opened the door and got out before heading in the direction of the mansion. It appeared he was leaving it up to her whether she wanted to visit Estella. The sight of his back caused Roxanne to frown slightly.

Essie’s sick. Shouldn’t he get her mother to visit her? No matter how busy Aubree is, she won’t ignore her sick daughter, right?As the thought of the
little girl sick in bed popped up in her mind, she exited the car and walked into the mansion behind Lucian.

na The moment Lucian stepped into the house, Catalina came forward to greet him with Estella in her arms. “Mr. Farwell, you’re finally back. Ms. Estella’s sick, so I wanted her to rest in bed. However, she insisted on waiting for you. I had no choice but to keep her company downstairs,” Catalina reported.

Estella’s cheeks were flushed, and there was a cooling patch stuck on her forehead. She looked really weak. At the sight of her father, she stretched her arms out to ask him to hold her. Lucian took her into his arms and tested her temperature. His brows snapped together as he asked,

“Why did she suddenly have a fever?” Catalina cast Estella a worried look. “Ms. Estella seemed to be in low spirits after she got home from kindergarten. She ate little at dinner. I thought she was sleepy and brought her upstairs to take a shower before realizing she was running a temperature.

I called the family doctor, who prescribed her some medicine. However, Ms. Estella insisted on seeing you before she would head to bed,” she explained.
Lucian shot her a curt nod and patted Estella’s back. “Do you still feel unwell? he inquired, concern evident in his voice.

Estella flung her arms around Lucian’s neck and buried her head into the crook of his neck before giving a weak nod. Lucian patted her head comfortingly. “Mr. Farwell, now that you’re back, you should bring her upstairs so she can rest,” Catalina urged.

However, Lucian hesitated. “Let’s wait for a bit.” Catalina gazed at him in bafflement, for she had no idea what he was waiting for.
She was starting to panic when light footsteps sounded at the door. Why does that sound like a woman?

The three of them turned to look at the door. Lucian’s gaze softened at the sight of the newcomer.
Catalina stiffened in disbelief. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she realized who the newcomer was.

Roxanne had just stepped into the house when she realized three pairs of eyes had landed on her. She immediately halted in her tracks.
She was filled with mixed emotions when she realized the mansion looked almost the same. Six years ago, this was her house.

She had lived here for a few years. Lucian might be indifferent to her, but he allowed her to do anything she wanted.
Thus, some of the decorations in the house were bought by her.

She thought Lucian would change everything after her departure, but to her surprise, everything remained the same six years later.
After glancing around the house briefly, Roxanne averted her gaze and scoffed at herself silently.

I can’t believe I’m feeling nostalgic after seeing the old decorations. Never in her wildest dreams did she realize that Lucian didn’t touch any
decorations as he never paid any attention to them.

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