Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 92

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 92 – As soon as the words left Roxanne’s mouth, an awkward silence befell the car.

Having realized what she had said, she instantly felt a pang of regret and lowered her gaze, not saying anything more. Lucian stared at Roxanne’s side profile, his gaze dark and indecipherable. Does she resist me this much? Why must she always push me to Aubree?

After a while, he replied coldly, “She still has something on and doesn’t have plans to leave yet.” Roxanne gripped the steering wheel angrily. How dare he! Aubree’s too busy to give him a lift, but that doesn’t mean I’m obliged to do so!

Unfortunately, with the way Lucian sat unmoving in his seat, Roxanne knew she’d never be able to chase him out of the car.
As such, she had no choice but to start the engine and drive off from the Queens’ mansion.

At the same time, Aubree marched out of the mansion and immediately turned livid when she saw Lucian through the rearview mirror.
Without further ado, she hopped into her car and followed them. Once they had gotten onto the main road, Roxanne suddenly recalled something.

“Where are you going?” Lucian had had a long day at work and still had to rush over to join Alfred for dinner. Now that he finally found a moment of peace, he could feel the waves of exhaustion washing over him. After hearing Roxanne’s question, he quickly massaged his temples to wake himself up.

“To the office. I remember it’s along the way for you.” “It’s already so late, though. Are you still going to work overtime?” Roxanne asked gently, her brows knitted as she glanced at him. Lucian merely hummed his acknowledgment, too tired to say anything else.

For some reason, he always felt so relaxed when he was around Roxanne. Seeing as how Lucian had no intention to talk, Roxanne, too, continued
driving in silence. However, every time she thought about how he was sitting right beside her, questions would start flooding her mind.

She remembered that before their divorce. Lucian had once said Aubree was the only woman qualified to marry him and that their marriage had to be put on hold solely because of Roxanne. Naturally, that became a thorn in her side for years.

It was much later when she finally thought things through and decided to grant Lucian his freedom.
I thought that once I left, he’d immediately marry Aubree.

But it’s been six years since then, and they still haven’t had their wedding. What on earth happened during that time?

With that in mind, Roxanne instinctively glanced at the man beside her.
She was on the verge of shooting the question when she once again suppressed that urge.

Ultimately, this is a private matter between Lucian and Aubree. What right do I have to question them when I’m nothing more than an outsider?

Besides, whatever happened between them couldn’t possibly be my fault. Lucian closed his eyes. Just when he hoped he could finally rest his mind, a
wave of random thoughts instantly came over him. He didn’t know what had gotten over him either.

His chauffeur had been waiting for him outside the mansion, but when he saw Roxanne getting into her car, all he wanted was to follow her.
By the time Lucian realized what he had done, he had already come face to face with Roxanne through the car window.

Of course, it went without saying that he had to get into the car. Could it be because I overheard Roxanne’s conversation with Old Mr.
Queen? The sheer thought of her marrying some other guy makes me so frustrated!

All of a sudden, the ringing of Lucian’s phone broke the silence in the car. He quickly gathered his thoughts and stared at the caller display, his gaze
darkening as he did. “Mr. Farwell, when are you coming back? Ms. Estella has a fever.” Catalina said anxiously.

Lucian’s expression turned cold immediately. “Got it. I’ll be right back.” As soon as he hung up the phone, he turned to Roxanne. “Can you please
send me back to the manor? Essie’s not feeling well, so I have to go check on her.”

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