Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 88

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 88 –By the time the treatment was over, Frieda had also returned home.

Upon finding out from the butler that Roxanne was treating Alfred, she made a beeline for the latter’s bedroom.
“Grandpa, how are you feeling?” Frieda asked concernedly the moment she stepped into the room.

Alfred nodded slightly. “Much better.” Having lived for so long, he had gained an understanding of how traditional medicine worked and had also consulted countless famous doctors. Roxanne, however, had come as a delightful surprise to him.

After each course of her treatment, Alfred would always feel a significant improvement in his health, which was something that not even the best doctors in the world could achieve. ASS Frieda looked her grandfather over and finally nodded with a smile. “That’s good to hear.”

Then, she turned to Aubree and added, “Have you come to visit Grandpa too, Aubree? Since it’s getting late, why don’t you stay for dinner?”
Naturally, Aubree had no objections to that and grinned broadly. “In that case, don’t mind if I stay and bother you, Old Mr. Queen.”

Alfred merely chuckled and nodded. Now that Frieda was home, Roxanne hastened her packing, not wanting to stay and interact with the women any further. Just then, Alfred smiled and turned to her. “Dr. Jarvis, why don’t you stay for dinner too? I could use this opportunity to thank you properly.”

Roxanne froze momentarily and was racking her brain for an excuse when Alfred continued, “Invite Lucian over too. It’d be great to gather everyone for
a hearty meal. We can treat it as a celebration of my recovery, can’t we? Besides, it’s been a while since I had any fun.”

Needless to say, Jonathan acceded to his grandfather’s request and immediately left the room to call Lucian. That, however, made Roxanne’s heart skip a beat. After packing her tools back into the medical box, she hurriedly stood up and bid farewell to Alfred.

“Since it’s a family dinner, I don’t think it’d be appropriate for me to join. If you really must thank me, we can always find another day for it, Old Mr. Queen.” Although Roxanne had met Lucian plenty of times since she returned from overseas and was also acutely aware of his relationship with Aubree,

she truly loathed the thought of seeing them together. In fact, the mental image of them sitting next to each other was enough to make her feel ill at ease. Therefore, it was no surprise that she was in a hurry to leave.

It was apparent that Roxanne was reluctant to stay, and it didn’t take long for Frieda to figure out why. “But you’re my grandfather’s lifesaver, Dr. Jarvis.
Let’s dispense with the formalities, shall we?” Frieda said as her lips curled into a sardonic smile.

“Moreover, this is Grandpa’s way of showing his appreciation. Join us for dinner if you have nothing on later.” Realizing that Frieda was up to no good, Roxanne’s brows creased slightly. Jonathan had just gotten off the phone when he overheard Frieda’s words.

Thinking that his sister was merely trying to be a good host, he chimed in, “Lucian will be coming over in a bit. You’ve met him before. I’m sure he’d like
some updates on Grandpa’s recovery, so it’d be good if you could stay to help answer his questions.”

Since she couldn’t bring herself to say no to that, Roxanne could only nod in agreement. Frieda walked up to hold Aubree’s arm while giving Roxanne a mocking gaze. Well, well, well. I can’t believe the doctor really has the guts to stay.

As it turned out, Frieda only asked Roxanne to stay because Alfred had invited Lucian, and she wanted nothing more than to mess with the doctor.
Given Roxanne’s relationship with Lucian, I wonder how she’d react when she sees him with other women. Oh, I can’t wait to find out!

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