Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 87

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 87 – Roxanne quickly composed herself and shifted her gaze from Aubree to Jonathan.

Sharp-eyed as usual, it didn’t take long for Jonathan to notice the awkwardness between the two women. He casually approached Roxanne,
making sure to block Aubree’s line of sight as he did. “Dr. Jarvis, my grandfather is already waiting for you upstairs. Shall we go up now?”

oxonine nodded. With that, Jonathan turned to Aubree to excuse himself and began walking toward the stairs with Roxanne in tow.
As soon as the two of them got to the stairway, Aubree spoke up again. “Ms.

Jarvis, I heard that your course of treatment has helped Old Mr. Queen a lot. I think I shall use this chance to visit him and see you work your magic.”
Right after saying that, Aubree followed behind them. Roxanne knitted her brows, clearly displeased.

However, since Jonathan didn’t object to it, she had no choice but to pretend that Aubree didn’t exist. Under Roxanne’s treatment, Alfred had recovered a fair bit, so much so that he was well enough to move back into his bedroom.

When they got to his room, they found Alfred propped up in bed and looking like he was in good spirits.
“Grandpa, Dr. Jarvis is here,” Jonathan announced as he led Roxanne to the bed.

After hearing that, Alfred peered at Roxanne with a grateful smile. “Dr. Jarvis, thank you so much for treating me. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t still be alive today.” Alfred had seen Roxanne during the previous treatments, but he had been so weak that he could barely talk.

Now that he had recuperated for a couple of days, he finally found the energy to thank the latter personally. “Don’t mention it, Old Mr. Queen,” Roxanne replied with a polite smile. “After all, I’m a doctor, and you’re my patient. I feel just as happy and accomplished to see you on the road to recovery.”

Without further ado, she sat by the bed and began sterilizing her tools. Seeing how focused she was, Alfred’s appreciation for her instantly grew
beyond words. Of course, Aubree was upset at Alfred’s reaction and quickly walked up to him to block his view of Roxanne. “Hello, Old Mr. Queen.

Alfred finally noticed Aubree’s presence and nodded at her. “Oh, Aubree, you’re here too.” “When I heard that you’ve woken up, I really wanted to visit you sooner,” Aubree said as she sat beside Alfred. “But I’ve been so busy at work that I couldn’t find the time to drop by.

Thankfully, I managed to free up my schedule today, so I rushed here immediately.” ‘The next second. Aubree glanced at Roxanne and added, “Lucian was supposed to come too, but he’s swamped with work and told me to send you his regards. We’re all just relieved to know that you’ve gotten better.”

Alfred beamed with gratitude. “You and Lucian are good kids. You’re both busy with work, yet you still put in so much effort to find me a doctor.”
“There’s no need to stand on ceremony with us, Old Mr. Queen,” Aubree lightly chided. “You’re like a grandfather to Lucian and me.

It’s only right that we do everything we can for you.” Even as she was talking, Aubree’s gaze lingered on Roxanne, her eyes full of
pride and conceit. It was evident from the conversation that Alfred had already regarded Aubree and Lucian as a family.

Rationally speaking, Roxanne knew their relationship had nothing to do with her. However, for some inexplicable reason, she just couldn’t shrug off the strange feeling inside her. After sterilizing all her tools, Roxanne tamped down her emotions and walked toward Alfred and Aubree.

“Please step aside, Ms. Pearson. I’m going to start the treatment now.” Aubree was still happily chatting away with Alfred when Roxanne’s voice had
the latter turning his attention back to her. Left with no other choice, Aubree slowly put her smile away and stepped back with her teeth gritted.

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