Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 384

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 384 – The atmosphere in the room turned tense.

Jonathan discreetly shuddered and pondered if he should continue. “Why are you asking about that?” Lucian glanced at him.

Jonathan cleared his throat before replying with his much nonchalance as he could muster,

“When she came to give Grandpa a checkup yesterday, I suddenly recalled that you were on good terms with her, so I wanted to ask you about it.

If you rarely talk to her, then…”Then I‘m not going to bother myself with the matter anymore.

Before Jonathan could finish his sentence, the other man‘s eyes darkened,

Jonathan was certain that Lucian would decipher what was going on soon.

Hence, he halted and gave Lucian a confused look. “What‘s the matter, Lucian?” “Do you want to court her?”

Lucian‘s brows were tightly knitted, and Jonathan could see the traces of annoyance in them. .

His question rendered Jonathan dumbfounded and speechless. What have I said to make him think this way?

Indeed, Roxanne was a nice woman, but Jonathan knew well about her relationship with Lucian.

Even though that relationship was now in the past, he was still not going to do something that would make him an unloyal friend. –

Furthermore, Roxanne‘s rejection when Alfred tried to match–make them had been obvious. How could he possibly shamelessly court her still?

Nevertheless, Lucian was gloomily looking at his friend as a myriad of thoughts flashed through his mind.

As far as he knew, even though Roxanne infuriated him a lot, she was quite the charming woman in many ways.

Therefore, it was not surprising for his friend to be interested in her. UNDT Moreover, with the way Jonathan had been acting the entire time…

He had been hesitant to speak ever since Lucian entered the room, so evidently Jonathan thought of the matter as a tough topic.

That was why Lucian had figured out what Jonathan was going to talk about the moment Jonathan mentioned Roxanne.

Nevertheless, the fury that came out of nowhere began simmering in him at the thought of that possibility,

and it made the temperature around him drop, A tense silence ensued.

It took Jonathan a while before he could recollect himself after Lucian‘s shocking question. Then, he quickly waved his hands to deny it.

“Why would you think that? I just noticed that Dr. Jarvis has lost much weight and since you were so protective of her back then…

I wanted to ask if the two of you have…”With that, Jonathan tentatively looked at Lucian and cautiously separated his hands as a gesture of breaking up.

In other words, he was asking Lucian if the latter was no longer interested in Roxanne. an Hearing that made Lucian‘s expression turn colder.

“I was protective of her?” Jonathan nodded in affirmation. “I could see it when Dr. Jarvis was treating my Lucian curled his lips mockingly.

To outsiders, he was exceptionally protective of Roxanne.

Yet, who would have guessed that Roxanne would avoid him and even flee ov The moment Jonathan sensed the change in Lucian‘s demeanor,

his headach He could not say that Lucian had nothing to do with that— that Lucian was still concerned about Roxanne.

Yet, despite all that he had sa At the same time, Jonathan could not say that Lucian cared not for Roxanne.

A So should I talk about that matter with him?

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