Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 383

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 383 – The speculation Jonathan made in the morning plagued his mind for the entire day.

When he went off work at night, he called Lucian. The man on the other end of the line was swift to answer the call.

“Is something the matter, Jonathan?” Jonathan briefly chuckled. “It‘s been a while since we met. Are you free tonight for a drink?”

Lucian creased his forehead when he heard that–he knew Jonathan had something to say to him, so he lowered his voice and agreed to it.

After ending the call, Lucian instructed Cayden to pick Estella up from the kindergarten before he drove to a private club he frequented.

Just as he entered the establishment, the server came over. “Mr. Farwell, Mr. Queen has been waiting for you.”

Lucian nodded slightly and followed the server upstairs into a private room.

Even though Jonathan had invited Lucian out for a drink, there was only a bottle of beer on the table.

The rest that was on the table were plates of delectable dishes. Jonathan was lost in his thoughts on the couch.

When he saw Lucian entering the room, he slowly straightened up and smiled. “I wanted to buy you a drink, but today‘s a busy day,

and I haven‘t gotten to eat yet, so it‘s mealtime instead.” Nodding, Lucian asked the server to leave.

In seconds, only the two of them were left in the room. Taking a seat beside Jonathan, Lucian asked, “Did something happen?

Speak your mind.” However, Jonathan was stumped. He remembered the way Lucian treated Roxanne,

but he had forgotten that it had been a while since he saw the two people interact.

In other words, he did not know if their relationship had changed after a while.

If things were the same as what his sister told him— if Lucian was silently agreeing to it as well–would his current actions be pointless?

However, by the time he came to those thoughts, he had already made the call to Lucian. Thus, he had no choice but to attend the appointment.

While he was waiting for Lucian, Jonathan had been mulling over that matter. He was unsure if he should talk to Lucian about it.

Hence, Jonathan‘s mind felt even more muddled when he heard Lucian‘s question. Left without a choice,

he decided to play a fool and nonchalantly took some of the food with his fork before exclaiming, “I haven‘t eaten the whole day, and I‘m starving!

Let‘s digin first and chat after.” Upon seeing Jonathan‘s abrupt actions, Lucian only deepened his frown.

Giving him a forkful of the food, Jonathan chirped, “Lucian, I don‘t think you‘ve eaten yet too, right? Hurry and try this.”

The man beside him was silent for a long while. At that, Jonathan could not help but feel remorseful. I shouldn‘t have called him so quickly.

If I didn‘t do that, I wouldn‘t be making myself suffer in this way now.

After a moment of silence, Lucian decided not to continue the topic and ate with Jonathan.

While they dug in, Jonathan would occasionally talk about business matters in an attempt to divert Lucian‘s attention, However,

the more he tried to do that, the more Lucian could sense that something was amiss with Jonathan, Just as they were done with their meal,

and right as Jonathan was trying to find an excuse to leave, he heard Lucian speak up. “You haven‘t talked about the reason you‘ve invited me here.

What is it that you‘re having so much difficulty saying?” Jonathan stiffened before forcing himself to sit back on the couch.

After a while of contemplation, he tentatively uttered, “I just wanted to ask if you‘ve been in contact with Ms. Jarvis recently.”

Ms. Jarvis? As in Roxanne Jarvis? Lucian frowned upon hearing his question. He had not contacted that woman since their meeting at the café.

The last time he heard anything about Roxanne was when Estella said that Ro was planning to move abroad.

At that thought, the temperature around Lucian dropped. In the meantime,

Cayden was just done cleaning up and had just laid down on the bed when he heard his phone ring. It was the ringtone he had set for Lu for you?”

“Find out who has been contacting the major herb suppliers in Harington under who is the one who isn‘t letting Herington’s herb suppliers work with VR Research Institute,” Lucian instructed.

Cayden hastily agreed to work on that. After the call ended, confusion belatedly crashed into Cayden.

Although Farwell Group had various kinds of businesses, they did not venture to look into this?

Why is someone from Farwell Group contacting herb supplied Despite the strangeness of the situation, Cayden still worked on it right away.

After all, it was something concerning Farwell Group, and Cayden was Lucian Not long after, he found out what had happened.

Again, Cayden was taken aback. Isn‘t VR Research Institute Ms. Jarvis‘ research institute? Moreover, the person out to be Mrs. Farwell?

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