Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 365

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 365 – All Thanks To You After they chatted a little longer, Roxanne called Jonathan on the phone.

It did not take long for him to answer her call. “Dr. Jarvis, is something the matter?”

They had not contacted each other after Alfred’s birthday banquet, so Jonathan was a little puzzled that she had suddenly called him.

Roxanneplayed it cool and asked, “Is Old Mr. Queen at home? I was thinking of visiting to check on his condition and recovery progress.”

Jonathan agreed immediately. “That’s so thoughtful of you. He’s at home, so come on over.”

After confirming that Alfred was home, Roxanne hung up, picked up her medical kit, and headed for the Queenresidence.

When she arrived at the gates to the Queen residence, the butler was already waiting there. The butler greeted her respectfully when he saw her.

“Ms. Jarvis, Mr. Queen asked me to meet you here. He’s waiting for you in the living room.” She nodded and followed the butler toward the mansion.

While walking, she ponderedhow to broach the subject with Jonathan later.

Based on Queen Group’s relationship with Farwell Group, I don’t believe the former would get threatened by the latter.

However, the manager in charge of the medicinal herbs treated us like that… Unless Sonya spoke to Jonathan about it personally, and he agreed.

If that’s the case, I’m afraid whatever I say today will make any difference. Anyway, that’s just my guess.

I’ll have to see what’s Jonathan’s attitude like later. She continued mulling over the matter and only slowly recollected herself upon approachin
themansion’s front doors.

By the time the doors opened, her expression was as calm and composed as usual. Jonathan was sitting on the couch and doing some work.

Knowing that Roxanne was coming to check on Alfred, he had deliberately rushed back from the office.

When he saw her walkin, he set aside the folder in his hands and rose to his feet to greet her. “Dr. Jarvis, it’s been a while.”

oxanne merely smiled calmly. “Where’s Old Mr. Queen?” After motioning for the butler to serve the tea, Jonathan led her toward the back garden.

“Grandpa knows you’re coming and is already waiting outside.”

Although Alfred’s body had recovered, he was very weak due to his age and the fact that he had been lying on the hospital bed for a long time.

He spent most of his time resting and had designated slots for rehabilitation every day. It happened to be time for Alfred’s rehabilitation.

However, after learning that Roxanne was coming over, he asked the caregiver to leave him first.

He sat alone in the back garden, enjoying the warm sunlight while awaiting her arrival.

As soon as Roxanne stepped through the doors, she spotted Alfred lounging in the sunlight. There was a cane next to his chair, and he looked contented.

Seeing that scene, she felt much morerelieved. Roxanne walked forward quietly. Then, softly and cautiously, she said close to Alfred’s ear,

“Old Mr. Queen.” Having waited for some time, Alfred ended up dozing off subconsciously.

He was still a little dazed when he heard Roxanne’s voice, and it took him a while to return to his senses.

He smiled and nodded at her, saying, “Dr.Jarvis, you’re here. Jonathan told me that you offered to check up on me.

Thank you so much for still thinking about this old man here.”

She smiled at him somewhat sheepishly, set down her medical kit, and proceeded to check Alfred’s pulse.

After a thoroughcheckup, Roxanne straightened up and said, “His condition has improved and stabilized.

udging from his physical fitness level, he’ll only need to rest for a while before making a full recovery.”

Alfred beamed as he nodded. “I’ve also felt my body gradually getting better.

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