Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 364

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 364 – It Is Too Personal “How did it go? Is Queen Group also going to withdraw from working with us?”

Roxanne asked, frowning. With a grim expression, Colby nodded in acknowledgement.

Usually gentlemanly and well-mannered, it was the first time he had ever worn such a grim expression on his face.

Though Roxanne had no idea what he was told, she thought that it might have been the poor attitude of the person in charge that got Colby so incensed.

It’s not worth getting that worked up over this matter. That being said, this is on me, so let me go figure out how to fix this myself,”

he smilednonchalantly and offered some words of consolation.

Colby, conversely, felt the whole ordeal to be unfair on Roxanne, as well as on the research institute.

“How could a big company like Queen Group not honor its promises?” Roxanne was slightly taken aback. “

Back then, there was not a single doctor who could do anything about Old Mr. Queen’s condition, and it was only through your intervention that he was able to recover.

Acquisitions at half price was what the Queen family had promised. So how can they just back out of it on a whim like that!”

The more Colbythought about it, the more infuriated he became.

“I wouldn’t have recommended for you to attend to him had I known that they are such ingrates!” Such petulantutterances from Colby felt so completely out of character for him that Roxanne found them to be rather hilarious.

“I must go and reason with them!” Slamming both hands on the table, Couch stood up from the couch. Then, he strode forth toward the door.

In his esteem, he considered himself to be quite familiar with the members of the Queen family when the Queen Group sought him out to treat Alfred.

So he was determined to speak up on Roxanne’s behalf, no matter what. Stunned by his unexpected impulsiveness, Roxanne needed to take a moment.

When she came back around, she promptly got up to hold him back. “Let’s not act too rashly.

Since it’s the Farwell Group that’s instigating this, getting confrontational with them probably isn’t going to help. Just settle yourself down first.”

With that, she held Colby by the shoulders and reeled him back infrom the door.

Pushed back down onto his seat, a sullen-looking Colby could not help but ask, “

Though I understand that it’s a private matter, could I ask what exactly is your relationship with Lucian Farwell?

Why would such a big company like theirs want to make things hard for a small research institute like ours?”

Even though he had been acquainted with Roxanne for quite a while, he realized that he still knew next to nothing about her, even now.

The realization that they had barely talked about anything else beyond work made Colby feel increasingly disheartened.

Roxanne, however, had no idea on what he had in mind. Regardless, she was not keen on sharing her entanglement with Farwell Group.

The office subsequently fell into an abrupt silence. Steadily calming himself, a frowning Colby became aware that he had reacted a little too strongly, and also, he might have been too intrusive with his line of questioning. “

Forget it.I was being too emotional. You don’t have to tell me anything if you’re not comfortable sharing.”

Colby rescinded his gaze and massaged his own forehead in slight exasperation. Roxanne pursed her lips apologetically.“

I’m sorry but I can’t discuss this because it is too personal. But rest assured that I will resolve the problems that the research institute is currently facing.”

Colby nodded inacknowledgement. “Things at Queen Group aren’t as simple as you think they are.

During the time while I was treating Old Mr. Queen, I was on relatively friendly terms with Mr. Queen, and Old Mr. Queen had also been rather nice to me.

So, let me handle things with Queen Group. I’ll be making a trip there in person shortly.”

Roxanne gave that some thought, then said, “Stay at the research institute.

Please help to address the staff’s concerns if they ask about the medicinal ingredients.” Colby assented.

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