Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 354

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 354 – Get The Hell Out Of Horington

Seeing how her father kept silent, Estella slowly lowered her eyes.

She too remained speechless for a while before lifting her head to look at Lucian with puppy-dog eyes.

“Then can I play with Ms. Jarvis when I grow up, Daddy?” Lucian was stunned once again when he heard his daughter.

Estella’s still so young, yet she’s already thinking about the future. If Roxanne promised Estella that, it means she really does plan to go overseas.

In fact, she will stop contacting Estella after leaving. With that thought in mind, Lucian could not help feeling the sting of irony.

Lucian wondered how Roxanne would react if she found out that she was about to abandon Estella again after having done the same when the girl was
still a baby.

Still, Estella had already made up her mind. “Ms. Jarvis said I could play with her when I got older, so I’m going to grow up faster,”

stated the girl in all seriousness as she looked at Lucian. I don’t doubt that Roxanne has taught Estella to say that.

Lucian had mixed feelings when he remembered Estella’s odd behavior at the dining table just then.

Estella ate more than usual and even started conversations with me. She’s probably hoping to get better soon because of what Roxanne said to her.

Does Roxanne have any idea just how much influence she has on Estella?

The girl muttered to herself for a moment before lowering her eyes again in despair.

“It’d be nice if Ms. Jarvis stays…” Even though Ms. Jarvis promised me that I could play with her overseas when I grew up,

it’ll take a long while before that happens. I want to see Ms. Jarvis every day. Lucian’s face hardened when he saw how sad Estella was.

“Daddy will find a way,” promised Lucian in a deep voice. Even though my relationship with Roxanne is pretty stiff now,

I won’t let her get away so easily now that I know she’s planning to run off. Not only because I spent six years looking for her,

but she’s also Estella’s biological mother! Estella became hopeful again after listening to her father, so she nodded firmly.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Aubree waited until it was time for Lucian to get off work, but still, she did not see the man.

Instead, she got a call from her subordinate. “Ms. Pearson, Ms. Estella went to look for Roxanne with her teacher.

She stayed at Roxanne’s until four o’clock in the afternoon. Then, the woman sent her home.”

Aubree’s face immediately turned grim when she heard that. “What about Lucian? Did you see him?”

She only went through all the suffering because she wanted Lucian and Roxanne to have no time for each other.

Besides that, Aubree also deliberately showed how important Lucian was to her the last time Roxanne visited her at the hospital.

If Lucian went to see that btch again today, all my suffering would be in vain! “Mr. Farwell never showed up.

However, he returned home with a man not long after Ms. Estella did. Ms. Estella seemed to be in trouble because Mr. Farwell looked anxious,”

reported the subordinate hurriedly. Aubree secretly let out a sigh of relief before ordering, “Okay. Continue to keep your eyes on Roxanne.”

With that, the woman ended the phone call. After listening to her subordinate, Aubree assumed that Lucian stayed home to keep Estella company.

The woman then lay down on the hospital bed and began scheming against Roxanne.

My plan might’ve cut down the possibility of Lucian seeing that btch, but it doesn’t affect the little brat.

If I don’t do something about that brat, it’ll be only a matter of time before Lucian and Roxanne meet again.

My only option is to get that b*tch the hell out of Harington!

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