Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 353

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 353 – Fury

Estella stared right at Lucian after she was done talking. She could sense Roxanne, Archie, and Benny’s aversion toward Lucian.

Estella had attributed their aversion to Lucian. She had been honest with Lucian in hopes that he would reflect upon himself and treat Roxanne,

Archie, and Benny better so that they would warm up to Lucian. Maybe Roxanne would decide to stay then.

At the thought that Roxanne would migrate overseas, the little girl turned wistful. Lucian’s mood took a roller coaster at his daughter’s remarks.

Roxanne had said the very same thing. “Did she say that to Essie too? Is that why Essie came back sulking?” he wondered.

Lucian wanted his questions answered. Hence, he asked, “Did Ms. Jarvis tell you that she doesn’t like me in the afternoon?” Estella shook her head.

Somehow, Lucian heaved a sigh of relief when Estella shook her head.

He knew that Estella had only made her own deduction after observing the way Roxanne treated him.

However, given that Roxanne had said no such thing to Estella, then why did the little girl come back sulking?

Estella was acting oddly during dinner time as well. he more Lucian thought about it, the more befuddled he was. “Why did you come back sulking then?

Did Ms. Jarvis tell you something?” His question hit the bullseye.

Estella had ruminated over what Roxanne told her the whole afternoon and lowered her head sadly. In the end, she muttered,

“Ms. Jarvis will not play with me anymore.” Lucian’s eyes darkened. “Why?”

Roxanne had promised that whatever happened between them would not affect the children. Why did she tell Estella that?

Again, Estella shook her head. Lucian pressed on, “Did Ms. Jarvis say you can’t tell me?” The little girl shook her head.

“Then you can tell me. Maybe I can help you persuade her,” Lucian said.

Even though Estella knew the chances were slim, she could not help but see a glimmer of hope and said in a small voice, “

Ms. Jarvis is moving overseas with Archie and Benny.” She grew despondent after saying that. Lucian’s heart skipped a beat when he heard that.

His face turned cold as the air grew still. “Roxanne is moving overseas with the boys?” he thought. It was something that he never heard before.

“Is she doing this because of me? Or is she just brushing Essie off?” Lucian thought.

If that was true, judging from the way she had been avoiding him lately, Lucian reckoned that he would not have known until after Roxanne had already left.

Lucian had been trying to locate the woman for six whole years, and had finally done so after much effort.

He fumed with fury at the fact that Roxanne was planning to leave without another word. The more he thought about it, the angrier he got.

Estella’s eyes brimmed with tears as she did not manage to get a reply from Lucian. “Daddy, I don’t want Ms. Jarvis to go…”

Then, she carefully tugged at Lucian’s shirt. When he finally snapped out of his thoughts, Lucian turned to his daughter.

However, he could not seem to utter any words of assurance to her daughter. Of course, Lucian did now wish for Roxanne to evade him once again.

Then again, given the state of their strained relationship right then, he knew that he had no right to interfere in her matters.

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