Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 327

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 327 – Choose Her

Aubree wanted to say something, but Roxanne was already bidding her goodbye. “I still need to bring my children to meet with the doctor. Take care,
Mr. Farwell, Ms. Pearson.” She nodded at the couple coldly and left. Aubree’s mouth opened as she stared at Roxanne’s figure.

Then she closed it up in frustration. Her fingers dug into her palm while she tried to suppress her displeasure.

I wanted to show off my status to this btch, yet it’s as though she didn’t notice it at all! Still, based on her reaction earlier,

I’m pretty sure she has no feeling left for Lucian. When her train of thought ended there, she felt better.

She turned to her man and said, “Let’s leave too, Lucian.” Then she swept her gaze past the direction Roxanne left and complained,

“Ms. Jarvis is quite ill-mannered. We were just expressing our concern for her sick kid, yet she gave us that attitude.

It made me think I said something wrong.” Lucian didn’t reply. Aubree turned to him with a confused look.

His eyebrows remained tightly furrowed as he kept staring at the leaving family. It was as if he didn’t hear her at all.

A wretched expression flashed past her face. What’s so good about that btch? Despite her sh*tty attitude, he still cares so much about her!

She suppressed her envious rage and carefully tugged his sleeve. “Lucian? What are you thinking about?

If you’re worried about the child, I can accompany you to visit him.”

Since things had turned out that way, she had to continue playing a gentle character to make Lucian think highly of her.

Aubree thought she was doing great being an understanding person.

To her surprise, Lucian looked away and glanced at her cast before replying in a deep voice, “No need. Your arm’s injured too.

You’re only a few steps away from the doctor’s office. Can you make it there yourself?”

No words left her lips as she was flabbergasted. Is he telling me to meet the doctor myself?

Realizing that, she furrowed her eyebrows as she pretended to be worried. “I can do it. I pretty much can’t feel anything from my injury now.

It’s possible I overreacted earlier. As for Ms. Jarvis’ child, even though I know he’s sick, I didn’t spare a glance at him.

It makes me feel kind of bad. How about we check up on them together?” Lucian’s eyebrows remained furrowed.

“If you’re not feeling unwell, then you should head back to your room and rest.”

Aubree was stunned again. Her teeth were biting into the flesh inside her mouth as she tried desperately to keep him by her side.

After thinking for a while, a hint of viciousness flashed across her eyes. She was going to pull out yet another trick as she calmly approached him. “

Your mother is coming soon, though. If she doesn’t see you when she arrives, I don’t know what to tell her.”

When his mother was brought up, his expression froze slightly. He glanced at Roxanne and her children, who had all entered the consultation room.

His line of sight returned to Aubree as he said, “I’ll explain to her later. You should go back first.”

ithout giving her a chance to get any closer, he marched toward the pediatric office.

With that, her plan failed. She stared at his figure with gritted teeth and a scowl.

Her plan was to show off her status to Roxanne to prove that Lucian was her man.

It backfired horribly when he abandoned her again for Roxanne. Once more, she was hoisted by her own petard.

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