Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 326

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 326 – Being Nice

Roxanne returned to her senses and protected her children behind her back. She gave Aubree a distant smile.

“There’s no need for you to worry, Ms. Pearson. It’s just a minor illness.” Then she glanced at Lucian. “It seems like you’re busy with Mr. Farwell.

I won’t bother the both of you further.” Without waiting for their replies, she grabbed her children and attempted to escape the couple’s line of sight.

After she took two steps away, Lucian spoke. “Are Benny and Archie not feeling well?”

His gaze brushed past the children and saw Benny’s pale face. He also noticed the boy was holding his abdomen with darkened eyes.

The pale-faced boy turned around and uttered in an angry tone, “It’s just a stomachache! You should just take that lady to the doctor, Mr. Farwell.

There’s no need for you to pay attention to us!” It was pretty obvious he was angry. The corridor was silent as his voice echoed in the stairwell.

Sensing the hostility from the child, Lucian furrowed his eyebrows. He wasn’t sure what he was doing wrong that made them unhappy.

Even though they hadn’t met for a while, the children were treating him with even greater antagonism.

Roxanne could tell her son’s voice was getting louder, so she quickly moved him to her back and apologized to the passersby. Only then did she turn to Lucian and Aubree.

“I’m sorry, Benny isn’t feeling well, so he’s in a bad mood right now. I hope you two will forgive him.”

The incident where Archie and Benny were expelled from kindergarten for no apparent reason still haunted her.

It was why she didn’t want Aubree to find an excuse to give the children trouble, especially when Lucian seemed like he was getting pretty close to

She thought it would be for the best if she treated the couple with respect. Her submissive attitude caused Lucian’s expression to darken slightly.

He furrowed his eyebrows silently. I can’t believe this woman is asking me to forgive the children.

Does she think I’m going to do bad things to them? Is the time we spent with each other not enough for her to know what kind of person I am?

Thinking about how Roxanne thought of him made his expression darken. The surrounding temperature was lowered.

Aubree was the closest and first to experience that pressure. As she glanced at Lucian, she clenched her fist.

However, she put on a kind facade, stared at Benny, and asked caringly, “He looks pretty awful. Is his illness serious?”

Then she shifted her gaze to Roxanne and mentioned casually, “If you need any help, I can introduce you to an impressive pediatrician.

Of course, if Lucian also is willing to help out, it’ll be great! The doctors he knows are all great.”

Lastly, when she finished speaking, she aimed her line of sight at her cast. It was her way of telling Roxanne that her doctor was found by Lucian.

Of course, Roxanne understood that. She smiled coldly. “No need. I have plenty of medical resources.

Benny’s condition isn’t that serious, but thanks for your thoughtfulness anyway, Ms. Pearson.”

Despite Roxanne’s polite language, Aubree still furrowed her eyebrows and stared aggrievedly.

“I’m just being nice. Is it necessary for you to respond like this, Ms. Jarvis?”

Roxanne felt her eyelid twitch, though she was too lazy to deal with Aubree’s nonsense. Thus, she chose not to reply as her lips twitched a little.

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