Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 324

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 324 – My Fault

Concurrently, at the hospital, Aubree received a call from her subordinate. “Ms. Pearson, we saw Roxanne driving toward a hospital.”

She glanced at Lucian, who was sitting outside, and asked in a low voice, “Which one?”

The subordinate replied, “I think it’s Primo Hospital.” Primo Hospital was the best private hospital in Horington.

It was also where Aubree was currently staying. When she heard Roxanne was heading to her location, a glimmer of light flashed across Aubree’s eyes.

ow long before they arrive?” “About five minutes.” “Got it. Continue to follow her. When she arrives at the entrance, give me a call.”

“Roger.” Upon hanging up the call, Aubree put the phone aside and carefully glanced at Lucian. Seeing how he wasn’t paying attention to her,

she shifted her gaze to the cup on the table and reached for it.

Lucian was focusing on checking his company mailbox and didn’t notice what she was doing. Suddenly, a crashing sound was heard.

It was soon followed by Aubree’s suppressed exclamation. That prompted him to turn back immediately and look inside the ward.

He saw the cup he had just filled with water was shattered to pieces on the ground. Aubree was seen half leaning against the table.

She appeared shocked as she stared at the cup silently. His eyebrows furrowed as he entered the ward to take care of the mess.

“Lucian.” She looked at him timidly and apologetically. “Did I disturb your work?

I saw you were focused on your work, so I tried to grab the cup myself instead of calling for you. I underestimated how freely I could move.

It’s my fault for accidentally shattering the cup and disturbing your work.” Then she tried to clean up the mess herself. “Your work is important.

I can take care of it myself. You should go back to work.” Lucian blocked her hand and uttered in a deep voice,

“Since I’ve been asked to take care of you, you can just call for me if you need me. If you try to force yourself, you’ll only cause me more trouble.”

Aubree bit her lip and stood at the side. nice the mess was taken care of, he grabbed a new cup, filled it with water, and put it in her hand.

“Call me if you need me.” Then he turned around, preparing to leave. She glanced at the time. Roxanne’s about to arrive!

Her heart wavered before she called out, “Lucian!” He stopped, turned back, and stared at her. “Yeah?”

With embarrassment present on her face, she lowered her eyes. “I don’t want to disturb your work, but after thinking about it for a bit,

I think that you’re right. If I keep being stubborn, I will only cause you more trouble. So, I won’t anymore. Can you accompany me to find a doctor?

Ithink my arm isn’t feeling too well.” Lucian’s eyebrows furrowed. “What’s wrong?” Aubree replied apologetically, “It’s my fault.

I think I touched my arm’s fractured spot when grabbing the cup earlier. I don’t know if it’s affected or not.”

As she spoke, her face was filled with caution and self-blame. It was as though she was really blaming herself for causing more trouble for Lucian and disturbing his work.

He stared at her plastered arm and nodded indifferently. “Let’s go.” Gratefulness colored Aubree’s face when he agreed.

However, her mind was thinking about something else. If we go out now, we’ll definitely meet up with that btch later.

I want to see if that batch still has the gall to cling onto him after seeing how he’s taking care of me!

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