Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 323

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 323 – Embarrassed

After Roxanne brought the children to grab lunch, she bought two sets of clothes for them before returning home. Lisa prepared dinner.

Roxanne sat at the dining table with them. Lysa asked the boys what they did, and they answered truthfully. The atmosphere was pretty cordial.

After a while, Roxanne noticed Benny had been eating exceptionally slow. “What’s wrong, Benny? Did you get too full during lunch earlier?”

Lysa and Archie also turned to Benny. Benny was holding his abdomen under the table with one of his hands while he slowly ate with another.

His face was pale, and he looked like he was feeling unwell. Seeing his brother like that made Archie worried. “Benny doesn’t look like he’s feeling well,

Mommy.” Roxanne put her fork down and approached her son. Seeing his mother getting closer, Benny stopped pretending and held his abdomen with both his hands. His face was totally scrunched up.

“What’s wrong? Do you have a stomachache?” She grabbed his hand with a serious expression, trying to figure out what kind of illness he had contracted.

Benny nodded forcefully. Just as she grabbed his wrist, his expression darkened. He then jumped away from his chair and ran into the bathroom.

Roxanne stood and stared at Archie worryingly. “Are you feeling any discomfort?” Archie sensed his body’s condition seriously and shook his head.

Lysa glanced in the direction of the bathroom worryingly and then shifted her attention to the dishes. “This shouldn’t have happened.

I’m sure the dishes tonight are fine.” Roxanne smiled at her comfortingly. “It’s not the dishes’ fault.

I think it’s probably because he got a cold while swimming earlier, or maybe the lunch was bad.”

Lysa nodded with relief, though her heart ached a little. Ever since I started taking care of this family, this pair of mother and son kept falling ill.

I wonder how they survived in the past. After a while, Benny walked out of the toilet with a pale face. “How is it?” Roxanne asked caringly.

Benny shook his head. “I don’t feel anything anymore.” She was still worried about him, so she brought him to the couch and checked his pulse.

“When did you start feeling unwell?” Her eyebrows were furrowed as she stared at him. Benny replied guiltily, “In the car, during the afternoon.”

A sigh escaped her mouth. “Why didn’t you tell me about it earlier?” His voice became smaller with each word he said,

“I didn’t want Mommy to get worried. Besides, I just wanted to go to the toilet…”

It was because he and his brother just said they wanted to protect their mother. They might be children, but they had dignity as well.

Additionally, he didn’t feel his body was sickly. He only experienced a stomachache during the car ride.

It was unexpected to him that his stomach caused him a lot of pain after eating two mouthfuls of food.

He felt pretty ashamed and embarrassed that his mother had found out. Roxanne was able to tell what Benny was thinking.

Her heart ached a little as she wondered if she should laugh or cry. “If you want to protect me, you must take care of yourselves first!

If you feel unwell, tell me about it next time.” He nodded. “It would’ve only been necessary to eat some medicine for this.

Now we have to head to the hospital.” Roxanne glanced at the clock. “Good, it’s still not too late.”

After that, she asked Lysa to grab the children’s coats for them before she brought them to the hospital.

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