Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 319

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 319 – Cold

Because of Sonya’s order, Lucian spent his time in Aubree’s ward after he got off work for the next few days.

As for Sonya herself, she visited Aubree on time every day. Although, it would be more appropriate to say she was there to check if Lucian was
taking care of Aubree.

“How is he taking care of you?” Sonya asked with a caring smile since Lucian was still at work. Aubree lowered her eyes shyly. “Quite well.”

Seeing her like that made Sonya relax. Sonya comforted, “I told you that Lucian isn’t a cold-hearted person.

Both of you share a relationship that has lasted for years, after all. He’ll always see you.”

Aubree pursed her lips and smiled, though she felt a pang of irony in her heart.

Lucian’s attitude toward her did change for the better, but it was only because she said she hoped they could both still be friends.

And so, he treated her as nothing more than a normal friend. However, she wasn’t satisfied with that.

What she really wanted was to be his wife. On the other side, Roxanne’s job at the research institute had been going smoothly.

As the collaboration had been underway for quite a while, the research institute staff were eventually able to keep up with her pace.

Additionally, with Colby’s help, work was no longer as busy as it initially was. It was the morning during the weekend.

Archie and Benny played with Lego bricks after breakfast. Their mother was sick not too long ago, and every time they played with Lego bricks, they would think about their little sister.

So, they weren’t very enthusiastic while playing with those bricks. The model that they had finished halfway through still hadn’t been completed yet.

Currently, they were sitting on the carpet. The speed at which they were playing with Lego bricks was a lot slower.

Roxanne sat on the couch and stared at the children. She could see that they weren’t energetic, and she could guess why,

but she didn’t know how to comfort them. There was no way she could get back with Lucian.

If his future wife isn’t Aubree, maybe I wouldn’t have needed to distance myself from Essie.

However, that person just has to be Aubree, and I can tell how much she detests me.

I’ve always said that children are innocent, yet their relationship has been affected by the matters of us adults. I can’t help but feel guilty about this.

Hmm, now that I think about it, I hadn’t brought them to play outside ever since I came back here, aside from the times when they asked me to do it.

When her train of thought ended there, she managed to come up with a remedy and approached the children.

“How about we play outside today, Darlings?” Archie and Benny put down the Lego bricks in their hands and turned to their mother with sparkling,

eager eyes. “Where to?” Seeing how excited they were, Roxanne felt as though she had been healed.

However, she just thought of the idea, so she had no clue where to bring them to.

After checking the internet with her phone, she noticed there was a swimming pool nearby, so she suggested, “How about we go swimming?

It’s been a long while since you two went swimming.” It was a popular activity overseas.

Additionally, she was worried their bodies might get weak, so she had already sent them to swimming lessons before.

In fact, she would often take them to practice strengthening their bodies.

The boys hesitated. “You just recovered not too long ago, Mommy. What if you catch a cold?”

They were really worried about their mother after she fell ill twice

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