Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 318

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 318 – Consideration

As though she was fulfilling what she said before, after Sonya ate lunch, she left. “I’m feeling a little tired, so I’ll return to rest now.

Lucian will stay and take care of you.” Then she turned to her son. “The company shouldn’t have any important matters during this period.”

Lucian nodded indifferently. “I’ll leave Aubree in your care. Take good care of her.” She further reminded him of Aubree’s condition again before leaving.

Seeing Sonya leaving, Gina and her husband left as well. The only people left in the ward were Aubree and Lucian. The atmosphere was awkward.

Aubree dug her nails into her palm as displeasure filled her heart. It was because Lucian treated her more coldly than he did in the past.

He didn’t even want to look at her. It’s all because of that b*tch! She disrupted my years’ worth of work and caused Lucian and me to grow apart!

Then, as she tried to find things to talk about, his voice entered her ears. “If you need anything, just call me. I’ll stay outside.”

e glanced at her coldly and prepared to spend time on the couch outside.

Because of his mother’s order, he transferred Aubree to the best ward in the hospital. There were two rooms in the ward.

The one inside was where the patient was staying in. It had a bed, a drawer, and a few chairs for the patient’s visiting family members to sit on.

Plenty of electrical appliances and ornaments were found inside the room. The decorations gave the room a cozy feeling.

There was a couch and a long table outside that room. It looked more like a living room, and it was decorated as though it was a hotel room.

While there would be a wall separating Lucian and Aubree if he went outside, it wouldn’t hinder his ability to take care of her.

However, from Aubree’s perspective, she thought he simply didn’t want to look at her any longer.

Realizing that, displeasure flashed across her eyes. She put on a pitiful facade and called for Lucian—who had already arrived at the exit—in a small

“Are you still blaming me, Lucian…” He stopped and turned back to glance at her indifferently. Upon meeting his line of sight, she bit her lip,

lowered her head, and apologized, “I really did do everything I could for Essie. If there was something she wanted, and I could give it to her,

I did my best to do so. Yet Essie still disliked me for reasons I still don’t know.” When she finished, she looked at him self-deprecatingly.

“Additionally, problems kept popping up lately. Even though the past six years had been relatively peaceful, for some reason,

trouble kept finding Essie because of me. I’ve reflected on my actions, and I realize I haven’t been patient enough with her. It’s my fault.

If you blame me, I won’t retort it either. And if you want to cancel the engagement, I have no reason to change your mind.

I hope you won’t treat me this coldly for the sake of our years of friendship.”She said all that with a genuine tone.

Lucian’s eyes darkened as he listened to her words with furrowed eyebrows. As she saw his attitude mellowing,

Aubree’s expression became even more sincere. “After all, we’ve been friends for many years. Even if we can’t become husband and wife,

I still don’t want to lose you as a friend. If Essie doesn’t like me, then I won’t visit her as often.

I just hope you’ll treat me like how you did before since I’ve never mistreated you…” Silence filled the room when she finished.

She stared at him carefully. Moments later, Lucian spoke. “I’ll think about it.” In the end, he still chose to sit outside

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