Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 306

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 306 – Care For The Entire Night Not long after, Sonny entered from outside with the items needed for
Roxanne’s IV drip.

After setting up everything and inserting the needle into Roxanne’s hand, Sonny turned to say to Lucian, “

Ms. Jarvis will need to undergo a longer IV therapy than usual. She might need someone to look after her and change the IV bag.”

Hearing that, Roxanne quickly said, “Lysa, I’ll have to trouble you tonight.” Naturally, Lysa would not reject her.

Just as she was about to reply to Roxanne, someone interrupted her, “I’ll stay.”

The moment those words were out of his mouth, the expressions of everyone in the room changed.

Lysa was surprised as she remembered how averse Roxanne had been to keeping Lucian in the house.

Even the two boys were not too willing to have Lucian stay. However, Lucian was the one who brought the doctor, so Lysa could not say much about the matter.

She cast a stumped look at Roxanne. Roxanne drew her brows together.

“There’s no need for that; just having Lysa change the IV bags for me will be fine. Mr. Farwell, you’re a busy man, so it’s best for you not to waste your time here.”

Archie and Benny chimed in, “We’ll help take care of Mommy, so thank you, but no thank you on your offer, Mr. Farwell.”

They only wanted the doctor to give their mother a checkup; it did not mean that they were going to let their father stay.

In contrast, Estella was a little disappointed. If her father were to go back, she surely would not be able to stay either.

She was worried sick about Roxanne. Lucian swept his gaze across Estella’s face before his eyes drifted back to oxanne. “

Essie surely won’t come home willingly with me with how sick you are, and I won’t be at ease letting her stay alone.

So I’m going to stay tonight no matter what. Lysa, please bring the kids to rest.” Lysa looked at Roxanne dubiously.

Roxanne was looking at the girl beside her. Estella was pursing her lips, and Roxanne could see the worry the girl had for her.

Estella muttered in her high-pitched voice, “I won’t go if Ms. Jarvis isn’t well.”

With that, she lay down on the side of the bed and clung to Roxanne’s arm. It was Estella’s first time cuddling up to Roxanne.

Thus, Roxanne could not bring herself to ask the girl to leave. Furthermore, she was sick.

Lucian was definitely not going to leave after a brief persuasion from her. A beat later, Roxanne gave Lucian a silent agreement to stay.

At that, Lucian’s gaze softened. After asking Sonny the things he should pay attention to, he went downstairs to send the doctor away before returning
and sitting silently on the couch in Roxanne’s room.

The children stayed close to the bed and chatted with Roxanne. Soon, Roxanne felt groggy and fell asleep.

Lucian asked Lysa to bring the children to rest while he stayed behind to take care of her.

As he had to pay attention to the volume in the IV bag, Lucian barely slept a wink that night.

The next morning when Roxanne woke up, she was still a little dazed.

It took her a few seconds before she recalled that Lucian had stayed back to take care of her the entire night.

Roxanne raised her head to glance at the IV bag, only to realize that her IV therapy was done.

Lucian had taken a chair to sit by the side of her bed, and his hand was holding onto her wrist to stop Roxanne’s hand from moving while she slept.

Perhaps she had instinctively moved her hand when she woke up, for the man’s eyes slowly opened.

She could see that his eyes were bloodshot, bandit was clear that he did not rest much the night before.

When the two pairs of eyes met, Roxanne blinked and quickly averted her eyes.

“How do you feel?” came the man’s slightly hoarse voice. Only then did Roxanne turn back to look at him. “I’m much better.

Thank you, Mr. Farwell.” Compared to the day before, Roxanne could feel her strength returning.

Lucian inclined his head. He knew that she did not wish to speak much to him, so he only informed her about the reminders Sonny had told him.

He then stood up and left the place with Estella. After Estella made sure that Roxanne had recovered, she obediently went back with her father.

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