Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 305

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 305 – Overtired

Just as Roxanne was stumped, the man’s figure appeared in the doorway.

Upon seeing the woman on the bed, Lucian furrowed his brows.

With just a glance, he could already see that the woman’s fever was worse than the previous time.

“Mr. Farwell.” When Roxanne realized she could not avoid him anymore, she had no choice but to greet him in an aloof tone. However, that was all she did before averting his eyes, for she did not intend to speak much to him.

When Lucian sensed that the woman was still trying to keep a distance from him, his eyes darkened. Then, he turned to the side to say to Sonny, “Please
take a look at her.”

Sonny nodded in response and stepped forward to give Roxanne a checkup.

Roxanne knitted her brows when she saw the unfamiliar man appear in her bedroom. But as her mind was fuzzy from the fever, she could not react in
time to his action.

“This is the Farwell family’s family doctor. I brought him over to take a look at you,” Lucian said in a low voice.

A trace of resistance appeared in Roxanne’s eyes.

The Farwells’ family doctor is here to give me a checkup? What’s going on?

“It’s fine. I’m a doctor myself. I know what my condition is,” she coldly rejected. “If it’s serious, I’ll go to the hospital myself.”

Lucian furrowed his brows and tried to make her drop the tough act. “If you can get up, will you be talking to me while lying down now?”

Roxanne was taken aback.

As her fever was high, she had no strength. Moreover, she could not get Lysa in time to help her up into a sitting position when Lucian entered.

If she were to force herself upright immediately, she would only expose her condition to him.

Yet, she did not know how to accept Lucian’s goodwill.

Just as she was contemplating how she should reject him, the man uttered, “Essie will be in a bad mood while you’re sick. What happened previously
has already made her condition unstable. I don’t want her to be affected again.”

The girl at the side went along with his words and nodded fervently. She grabbed Roxanne’s arm and said with concern, “Ms. Jarvis, doctor.”

The girl’s eyes were still red, and so was the tip of her nose. The sight of her ached Roxanne’s heart.

Roxanne simply could not bring herself to say no after how he had used Estella as an excuse and after seeing the look on the girl’s face.

After a few seconds of silence, Roxanne finally agreed to it.

The two boys, Archie and Benny, were relieved to see their mother agree to let the doctor give her a checkup.

They were afraid that their mother would resist the doctor alongside their father.

When Archie and Benny saw Sonny walking over, they quickly stepped aside to give him space.

After a thorough checkup, Sonny turned to report to Lucian, “Ms. Jarvis is having a fever because she has been overtiring herself recently. That’s why
her immune system has weakened. Moreover, she caught a cold, and that’s why she’s burning up so badly. I must go back to prepare to give Ms. Jarvis a

Lucian nodded before letting his gaze land on the woman on the bed. Regret tinged the look in his eyes.

Roxanne had only caught a cold because she had been drenched by the rain the night before.

He was partly to blame—the rain had been heavy, and he should have insisted on sending her to the parking lot.

He also could have handed her the umbrella, as he would have been fine going under the rain for a while.

When Roxanne sensed his gaze, she lowered her eyes, not wanting to look at him.

She, too, knew that she was having a fever because of the tough act she had put up the day before.

Maybe he thinks that I’m only making things worse for myself with that false bravado.

A sense of self-deprecation danced across Roxanne’s mind at that thought.

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