Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 291

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 291 – Tell Me Why

Hearing that, Estella started applying the medicine to Roxanne’s wound meticulously.

Beside them, Lucian said, “After I redressed her wound last night, she wanted to bring the medicine to you. If I hadn’t stopped her, she would’ve
come last night.”

The little girl’s gesture moved Roxanne. Glancing at Estella, who was bandaging her wrist, she said gratefully, “Thank you, Essie.”

Estella lifted her head and flashed a faint smile.

Archie and Benny watched as Estella applied the medicine to Roxanne’s wrist. They were about to speak, but Lucian’s stern voice caused them to
frown in displeasure.

After Estella went missing yesterday, they got so worried and didn’t bother expressing their emotions to Lucian.

Now that Estella was safe and sound, Archie and Benny felt that her disappearance was somewhat his fault.

He knew Essie hated that evil woman but allowed her to get close to Essie!

Mommy didn’t bring Essie with her as the woman was there. That bad woman also bullied Mommy previously! It was all your fault.

With that thought in mind, the boys didn’t bother being nice to Lucian.

Sensing the strange ambiance, Lucian lowered his head and saw the boys glaring at him as though he were a ferocious beast.

The boys pouted when they realized he was looking at them. “Mr. Farwell, you brought Essie here to deliver the medicine to Mommy. The medicine is
here, and Essie has applied it to Mommy’s wound. Is that all?”

Lucian’s brows snapped together as he let out a noncommittal grunt.

“Please leave now!” Archie and Benny lifted their heads to look at Lucian, as he was taller than them. Despite their young age, they looked intimidating.
That was the first time Lucian had ever been asked to leave by the kids. His brows twitched, but he said nothing.

I could be imagining it, but the boys seem incredibly hostile today, even though they are usually hostile to me.

Hearing their rude demand, Roxanne turned at her shoulder and told them, “Archie, Benny, don’t be rude.”

The boys huffed, “We’re being polite! We said, please.”

Roxanne felt her head throbbing, as she didn’t know they would retort her words.

Lucian asked, “Are you kicking me out?”

Archie and Benny nodded vehemently.

Instead of flying into a rage, Lucian added patiently, “Can I know why?”

The boys were taken aback by his question.

They shared a look before Archie answered, “Because you’re going to marry another woman soon. If you spend too much time with Mommy, it may cause
an unwanted misunderstanding. We don’t want Mommy to suffer anymore.”

Silence ensued in the living room following his words.

Lucian swept his gaze over Archie and Benny before his gaze landed on Roxanne, who was sitting on the couch.

Something must’ve happened without my knowledge for the boys to say that to me. Did Aubree cause trouble for her? Why are the boys this emotional
about my marriage?

Sensing his gaze, Roxanne looked down to hide the anxiety in her eyes.

She had no idea why Archie and Benny resented Lucian this much.

Their reaction was bigger than hers when they learned of Lucian and Aubree’s marriage.

Is it because he’s their father? Is this why he is this important to them?

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