Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 290

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 290 – Applying Medicine

Archie and Benny had already gotten up when Roxanne arrived home. They promptly asked about Estella.

The boys were delighted to learn that Estella could talk again.

As Roxanne’s wrist was injured, the boys refused to let her do anything and stayed by her side the entire day.

The following day, Roxanne wanted to head to work at the research institute, but the boys insisted that she stay at home.

“Mommy, you’re hurt. You should rest at home.” Benny shot her an imploring look.

Archie chimed in, “We’re afraid you’ll fall ill, just like last time.”

They could still remember how they had freaked out when Roxanne got sick previously.

Roxanne knew the kids were worried about her. As her wrist was hurt, it would be difficult for her to work. Hence, she bobbed her head in agreement.
After breakfast, the doorbell rang.

Roxanne got to her feet and answered the door.

She was taken aback by the unexpected visitors. “Why are you here?”

Clad in a casual coat, Lucian held Estella’s hand. Estella was holding an exquisite bag with something inside.

Hearing her question, Lucian nodded and gestured to Essie. “Essie is worried and wants to deliver medicine to you.”

Estella offered the bag she brought with her to Roxanne, affirming her father’s words. “Ms. Jarvis, medicine.”

Lucian was used to how fond Estella was of Roxanne, so he wasn’t surprised to hear her talk.

Roxanne’s heart melted when she heard Estella’s adorable voice. She took the bag from the girl and patted her head. “Thank you, Essie.”

Flashing an obedient smile, Estella stared at the house earnestly.

Roxanne hesitated briefly before turning sideways to let them in.

Archie and Benny were playing with Lego blocks on the floor after breakfast.

They were delighted to see Estella and invited her to join them.

When Essie used to stay with us, we loved playing with Lego blocks.

Perhaps she’ll forget what happened yesterday if we play together!

However, Estella shook her head and stared fixedly at Roxanne.

Roxanne didn’t know what the little girl wanted, so she bent her body down,
utterly baffled. “Essie, what do you want me to do?”

Estella touched her injured wrist carefully as a flash of concern appeared in her eyes.

Comprehension dawned on Roxanne. It turns out Essie is worried about my injury.

“It’s not serious. The doctor has already dressed my wound,” Roxanne assured her cheerfully.

However, Estella took the corner of her outfit and pulled her toward the couch.

Roxanne played along with her and sat down on the couch.

After she took a seat, Estella stretched her hand out. “Change the dressing.”

Having said that, she took a bottle of medicine out of the bag Roxanne had placed on the coffee table a while ago.

Roxanne was momentarily stunned. Feeling touched, she gave her hand to Estella willingly.

After removing her bandage carefully, Estella pouted unhappily at the sight of her wound before blowing on it twice.

Roxanne chuckled. “Essie, are you going to apply the medicine for me? It’s fine. It might hurt for children, but adults won’t feel anything. Just apply the
medicine for me.”

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