Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 283

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 283 – Meanwhile, having been chased away by Lucian in the afternoon,

Aubree arrived at the Farwell residence to look for Sonya. Sonva thought that there was news of Estella when she saw her and asked anxiously,

“Why are you back? Has Essie been found?” Aubree shook her head dejectedly.

Sonya chided, “Why are you here if Essie hasn‘t been found? Why aren‘t you helping to search for her?”

Even though she had always favored Aubree, the woman had indeed gone overboard this time.

Aubree answered remorsefully, “Mrs. Farwell, I‘d love to help, but—” “But what?” Sonya asked furiously.

Aubree looked at Sonya with teary eyes, and with a pitiful expression, she replied, “But Lucian blamed me for not taking good care of Essie and asked
me to leave. I didn‘t want to stay and be a burden to him because he was already anxious enough.”

In fact, Sonya had only heard about the incident from Aubree briefly over the phone,

learning that Estella had run out because Aubree did not take good care of her. However, she did not know much about the details.

As such, she did not understand why her son would flare up at Aubree because of that. “What exactly happened?

Why did Essie suddenly run away?” Aubree looked down and sounded as if she was on the verge of bursting into tears as she replied,

“When I reached the hotel, I found out that Lucian and Roxanne were staying in the same room as there were not enough rooms.

I wanted to check if the hotel could make any alternate arrangements.”

The woman paused and glanced up briefly to look at Sonya‘s reaction before lowering her head and continuing, “

So I told him that I would check with the reception if there were any rooms that were freed up.

After I entered the elevator, Essie suddenly followed me inside. I had no idea what she wanted and did not expect her to dash out of the elevator the moment the doors opened.

I was stunned for a moment and wasn‘t able to react in time…”Sonya‘s expressi on darkened.

She had guessed that her granddaughter did not want to leave Roxanne. What spell did that woman cast on Essie?

Even if they are mother and daughter, Roxanne has not taken care of Essie ever since she was born.

Why is Essie so attached to her?Besides… When Sonya recalled Aubree‘s words from before, she furrowed her brows and asked,

“Lucian and Roxanne ere staying in the same room?” Aubree nodded, looking aggrieved, and replied, “

There wasn‘t anything I could say since the hotel didn‘t have any spare rooms, but it wasn‘t very appropriate for them to stay together.

That‘s why I wanted to check with the front desk if it was possible to make alternate arrangements.

I didn‘t expect Essie to be so mad over that. It‘s my fault for my lack of consideration.”

Sonva invited Aubree into the living room and said with a grim expression, “It‘s not your fault. You did the right thing.

The two of you are getting engaged soon. Lucian shouldn‘t have stayed with Roxanne in the same room!”

“But if that did not happen, Essie wouldn‘t have run away…” Aubree said between tears. “It’s already so late and there still isn‘t any news yet.

I‘m really worried that something would happen to Essie. She‘s still so young… If something bad happens to her, I will never be able to forgive myself!”

At the mention of her granddaughter, Sonya felt her heart sink. However, instead of blaming Aubree for it like before,

she started comforting the woman instead. “Don‘t worry. Lucian is looking for her. Essie will be fine.”

Aubree sobbed while replying, “Essie is missing because I didn‘t take good care of her. I‘m scared that Lucian wouldn‘t forgive me for that.

He was so furious earlier on that I thought…” She had thought that Lucian would hit her, just like before, but the man did not.

However, Aubree did not assume that it was because he wasn‘t as angry as before.

Instead, she knew that it was probably because he could no longer be bothered with her.

Sonya frowned and replied, “That won’t ‘happen. It’s not even your fault this time. He‘ll realize it after he calms down.”

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