Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 282

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 282 – Roxanne was only able to heave a sigh of relief after the doctor confirmed that Estella was fine.

However, as Lucian was still worried, he decided to admit the little girl to the hospital for one night just to be safe.

As it was getting late, Roxanne said, “Since Essie is all right, I‘ll take the kids back to rest first. Call me if you need me.”

She turned to leave after she finished speaking. However, when she walked past Lucian, the man grabbed her wrist, causing her to draw a sharp breath.

“Please examine her too,” Lucian said to the doctor. When Roxanne heard that, she rejected it at once. “There‘s no need for that.

I know my condition not injured and I just want to go home and rest.” Lucian refused to let go of her.

Having no choice, the woman walked toward the doctor and rolled up her sleeves, revealing an abrasion on her wrist which Lucian was grabbing a
moment ago.

She had sustained a scrape from pulling Estella back carlier on but did not want the little ones to worry about her.

Besides, she was intending to treat the wound herself after getting back. She had been bearing with the pain and did not expect the man to notice it.

Lucian‘s expression darkened when he saw the abrasion on Roxanne‘s wrist.

Archie and Benny were even more worried as they exclaimed, “Mommy, you‘re injured!”

Roxanne flashed a comforting smile at the children while replying, “It‘s just a scrape. I‘m all right.”

After the doctor treated Roxanne‘s wound briefly, the group of them left the emergency ward.

Cayden proceeded to settle the admission procedures for Estella. As Roxanne was still worried about the little girl, she headed to the ward with Lucian.

After Estella was placed on the bed, she woke up and turned around slowly.

Archie and Benny were the first ones to notice it. They rushed to the bed at once.

Looking at her excitedly, they exclaimed, “You‘re awake! Are you okay? Are you feeling unwell?”

Estella was still feeling groggy. She blinked a few times before she looked at the boys and shook her head.

Even though the two boys sensed something amiss, they ignored the feeling, as they were just too happy that Estella was awake.

They continued talking to her by the bed. Roxanne watched from the side for a while before stepping forward to caress Estella‘s face.

Estella responded with a smile while reaching out to touch the bandage on the woman‘s wrist.

Noticing the worried expression on the little girl‘s face, Roxanne said comfortingly, “It‘s just a scrape. It doesn‘t hurt at all.”

fter saying that, she asked in concern, “Essie, are you hungry? What do you feel like having? I‘ll get you something to eat.”

Estella tilted her head and thought for a moment before shaking her head. din Roxanne‘s gaze darkened. She turned around to look at Lucian.

Lucian had a grim expression on his face as well as he looked at Estella.

Both of them realized that the girl had not spoken a single word since she woke up.

Although Roxanne and the two boys had been talking to her, she did not reply. Obviously, the incident had affected her.

“It‘s getting late. You guys should go back first,” Lucian said. Roxanne hesitated as a crease appeared between her brows.

She had intended to take the two boys home before knowing about Estella‘s condition.

However, after being aware of the situation, she found it difficult to leave.

When Estella heard her father asking Roxanne to leave, she grabbed the corner of the woman‘s shirt with a reluctant expression on her face.

“I‘ll stay here with you.” Roxanne held the girl‘s hand. Then she turned to Lucian and said, “I‘ll stay here and accompany Essie.

She should be hungry. Can you get someone to bring her some food?” Lucian agreed and instructed Cayden to get something for all of them to eat.

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