Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 262

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 262 – The tree-planting activity started very early the next morning.

After waiting for the parents and children to finish breakfast, Pippa led themto the venue of the event.

The kindergarten had collaborated with a botanical garden to provide the kids with an empty spot to plant some trees.

There was quite a lot of staff standing by when they arrived.

As the kids were all born with silver spoons in their mouths, the staff made sure they were extra friendly with them.

Pippa then introduced the parents to the staff, split them into groups, and had them follow thestaff to collect their saplings.

Estella stared reluctantly at Roxanne when she heard they would be split into groups.

She refused to budge even when the teacher called her name.

Lucian frowned when he saw that and shifted his gaze toward Roxanne, who was standing nearby.

After hearing the conversation between Lucian and Aubree last night, Roxanne instinctively tried to keep her distance from them.

She then took Archie and Benny by the hand and walked away when she heard the teacher calling out to Estella.

“Ms. Jarvis…” Estella lowered her gaze in disappointment as she stood rooted to the spot.

Lucian wasn’t expecting Roxanne to just leave Estella like that, so he didn’t know how to comfort her.

Noticing that Lucian and Estella were still standing there after everyone else had left, Pippa came over and asked worriedly,

“What’s the matter, Essie? Do you not like planting trees?” Estella lowered her gaze and shook her head in silence.

Unsure of what she was thinking, Pippa turned toward Lucian and asked, “What has gotten into her, Mr.

Farwell?” The look in Lucian’s eyes turned gloomy when he saw Estella’s disappointed expression and Roxanne returning with her sapling Pippa didn’t dare press on any further when she saw his expression.

“Essie rarely participates in such events. Since this is her first time, it’s normal for her to feel a little uncomfortable about it.

Maybe you should take her home so she can get some rest instead, Mr. Farwell.”

Estella looked up at Pippa reluctantly and shook her head to indicate that she did not want to go back.

She wanted to spend more time with Roxanne, so going back meant she would have less time with her.

Pippa wasn’t sure of what to do as Estella simply shook her head without saying anything.

Right as she was racking her brain to come up with a solution, Lucian said,

“Ms. Jarvis’ two kids are the only mends that ‘Essie has in this kindergarten, so it’s only natural that she wants to be with them.

She’s probably throwing a tantrum because she wasn’t placed in the same group as them.” Estella noddedand said in an adorable voice,

“I want Archie and Benny.” Since she rarely spoke. Pippa’s heart melted when she heard that.

“I’m sorry. I forgot to take this into consideration when I grouped everyone according to the total number of participants.

I’m sure you’ll have more fun if you participate in this event with the kids you’re close with, Essie.

In this case, you can join Archie and Benny’s group.” “Thanks,” Lucian said with a nod before leading Estella over.

Estella’s eyes lit up with joy when she heard she could be grouped with Roxanne.

She got so excited that she let go of Lucian’s hand and ran up to Roxanne on her own.

“Essie must really like Archie and Benny. I rarely see her smile so happily like this,”

Pippa exclaimed with a relieved smile when she saw how happy Estella looked.

Lucian simply nodded and made his way over without saying anything.

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