Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 261

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 261 – The sudden ring of Lucian’s phone broke the silence of the room.

Roxanne instinctively glanced at the phone screen when it lit up, only to quickly retract her gaze when she saw the caller ID.

The phone had been ringing for quite a while before Lucian turned around to pick it up.

Upon seeing the caller ID, he shot Roxanne a glance before answering the call by the window, “What is it?”

Aubree could be heard complaining on the other line. “I heard Essie’s kindergarten organized a tree-planting event.

Did you attend it with her?” “Yeah,” Lucian replied coldly. Aubree’s expression was a little gloomy as she asked,

“Essie dislikes crowded places, doesn’t she? She has never attended events like these, so why would she attend this one?

” Not wanting to waste his time arguing with her, Lucian said, “Essie wanted to attend it, so I brought her over.” Naturally,

Lucian wasn’t about to explain why Estella wanted to attend it.

Aubree clenched her fists tightly and suppressed her rage as she pressed on, “

Why didn’t you invite me? Essie is a girl, so it’d be inconvenient for you to look after her.

I could help out if I were there!” Lucian looked at Roxanne, who was playing with Estella, and snapped back at Aubree impatiently,

Why would l?The school asked parents to attend it with their children.

Who are you to attend it?” Aubree fell silent for a few seconds before replying awkwardly, “E- Everyone knows we’re getting married, right?

sides, I’ve looked after Essie for so many years—” “Anyway, I’ll be hanging up now,” Lucian cut her off.

He then hung up the phone before Aubree could say anything.

Roxanne was able to hear Lucian’s conversation with Aubree due to how silent the room was,

and she felt conflicted when she heard what Aubree said. Although Lucian didn’t let Aubree finish, Roxanne knew what she was about to say.

Aubree was probably going to tell him that she’d become Essie’s mother sooner or later.

nice everyone knows about them getting married, no one would say anything about her attending the event as Essie’s parent.

Feeling flustered at the thought of that, Roxanne patted Estella on the head and said, “It’s getting late, Essie.

You need to wake up early to plant trees tomorrow, so you should go to bed now.” Estella nodded obediently and climbed into bed.

Roxanne then nodded at Lucian before tucking Archie and Benny in.

Meanwhile, at the Pearson residence, Aubree was so stunned by Lucian’s response that she stared at the blank screen of her phone for quite a while before coming to her senses.

Her face was filled with rage as she swept everything off the table in frustration.

I deliberately asked him why he’d attend the event with Essie.

He brushed my question off coldly just as I expected, but I know it’s because of that bitch!

That event was meant to help parents bond with their children, so she’d definitely attend it with her two little basters.

Lucian went all the way to Baldridge because of that bitch, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he attended this event because of her.

There’s no telling what could happen if I let them spend any more time with each other!

No, Ican’t just sitby and watch as that b*tch gets closer and closer to Lucian! Even if he rejects her in the end, I have to be there to witness it!

The mere thought of what could happen between Lucian and Roxanne was driving Aubree crazy with rage.

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