Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 250

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 250 – At the Farwell residence, Lucian frowned when he saw the message in the WhatsApp group after fetching Estella back home.

On the way back earlier, Estella had regarded him with a look as if she had something to say.

Lucian reckoned that had something to do with the tree-planting activity.

During mealtime, Lucian took the initiative and asked, “Is the kindergarten organizational a tree planting activity?”

Estella nodded excitedly upon hearing her father mentioning that matter.

She had wanted to raise that topic to her father when they were inside that car just now.

However, when Estella was reminded of Lucian’s usual reluctance to take part in such events hosted by the school, she did not know how she should propose that idea to her father so that he would agree to join.

D Lucian grimaced at the sight of Estella’s hopeful demeanor.

He could roughly figure out the reason behind her sudden change in behavior.

That was not the first time the kindergarten had organized such a parent-child bonding event.

In the past, due to Lucian’s heavy workload, Estella’s autism spectrum and unwillingness to interact with other children, Lucian had always chosen to avoid
participating in those activities whenever possible.

However, this time, perhaps because of Archie and Benny’s influence, Estella had, for the first time, gained interest in those activities.

Amidst his wistful rumination on Archie and Benny’s significant effect on Estella, a childish voice sounded beside Lucian’s ears.

“I want to go.” Estella gazed at her father in anticipation with her large eyes.

She had not seen Roxanne in a long time.

Estella was certain Roxanne would attend the event with Archie and Benny, so she would be able to meet with Roxanne then.

An astonished look flashed across Lucian’s face when he heard Estella’s voice.

Ever since Roxanne started avoiding him, Estella had been adamant about keeping quiet in front of Lucian.

To his surprise, Estella had made an exception because of this activity.

“Do you really want to join that badly?” Lucian furrowed his brows at her.

She nodded firmly.

At that sight, Lucian hesitated briefly.

After recalling his pending work that weekend, he said in a hoarse voice, “Let’s go together next time, okay? I have to work this weekend, so I cannot accompany you.” The lights in Estella’s eyes dimmed.

She shook her head in refusal as she could not wait any longer to see Roxanne.

Lucian knitted how brows and coaxed further, “Archie and Benny aren’t going anywhere.

They will still participate in the next activity.

You can play with them then.” “No!” Estella declined and pouted.

Lucian’s head hurt upon taking in Estella’s stubbornness.

Previously, Estella had often stayed away from those activities, and Lucian thought those recreations were a waste of time too.

They had always shared a mutual perception on that matter.

Unexpectedly, she was so determined this time.

She clenched her tiny fists and stared intently at him, hoping he would change his mind.

Still, Lucian remained silent.

Tears gradually brimmed in her eyes.

Estella lowered her head and muttered aggrievedly, “Ms. Jarvis…”

She yearned to meet with Roxanne.

Hearing Estella’s words, Lucian’s face darkened instantaneously.

He had been too occupied lately, so he had not considered Roxanne would also participate in that activity.

However, at the thought of how Roxanne was evading him, Lucian highly doubted

she would personally bring Archie and Benny to join the event.

He figured Roxanne might even disallow them to go altogether.

The screen of his phone lighted up.

Pippa sent a message in the WhatsApp group: No guardian has texted me in private thus far, so I assume every one will be coming.

This activity will enhance the bond between children and their parents.

I’ll take this opportunity to wish everyone a great time in advance.

The screen slowly dimmed afterward.

Lucian’s resolution wavered.

He patted Estella’s head and croaked, “I got it.

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