Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 249

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 249 – After dinner, Roxanne and Colby went separate ways, returning to their own homes.

When Roxanne arrived home. Lysa had fetched the two kids back.

They were playing with Legos on the carpet.

Archive and Benny immediately surrounded Roxanne when they saw her enter.

Roxanne patted their heads and asked concernedly, “Have you two taken your meals?”

They nodded obediently and blinked their eyes at her.

“Mommy, Ms.Ward said she’s bringing us to plant trees this weekend.” Roxanne was slightly taken aback at the mention of that matter.

She gazed downward and beamed at her children.

“Yes. I know that.” With that, she pretended to be nonchalant and entered the living room.

Archie and Benny trailed behind their mother and followed her to the side of the carpet.

She crouched down and fiddled with the partially-built Lego pieces as a conflicted look spread across her face.

She pondered the whole journey on her way back.

In the end, she was left with the same conclusion.

She might run into Lucian or Aubree if she participated in the activity.

That was such a coincidence.

All the while, she had been racking her brains, thinking of ways to avoid Lucian and Aubree.

Yet, the kindergarten decided to host an activity at that time.

“Mommy, will you go with us?” The two kids gazed at Roxanne in anticipation.

That was their first time joining such a group activity.

The idea sounded very interesting to Archie and Benny.

Catching sight of their hopeful, gleaming eyes, Roxanne hesitated and could not bring herself to refuse them directly.

She merely said, ‘Til ask Aunt Madilyn to accompany you two.

Will that be all right?” That was the only way she could think of.

Hearing their mother’s words, Archie and Benny were obviously a little disappointed.

“Do you not want to go with us, Mommy?” Roxanne’s heart softened slightly.

“No, it’s not that. It’s just… I have to work overtime during the weekend. I’m afraid I do not have the time to accompany you two.”

Archie and Benny stared at her for some time.

Roxanne did not know if they figured out she was lying.

-Meeting their eyes, she felt guilty and sorry.

That was the first time the kids participated in a group activity involving the students’ parents since they started school, so the event was supposed to be
memorable and significant.

Undoubtedly, Archie and Benny wished Roxanne could go with them.

However, she could not tell them she was avoiding Lucian and Aubree.

After all, that was a matter between the adults.

“Okay.” A few moments later, Archie and Benny nodded in disappointment.

Roxanne let out a sigh of relief inwardly before taking out her phone to call Madilyn.

The latter picked up only after a long while.

“Roxanne, what’s the matter? Is there a problem?” Madilyn sounded exhausted. Roxanne frowned. She asked in concern, “Are you still busy?” Madilyn heaved a long sigh and uttered weakly, “I don’t want to talk about that.

A severely ill patient was just admitted here, and the patient requires close monitoring around the clock.

I doubt I’ll have any time to spare this weekend.” Upon hearing that, Roxanne swallowed her unspoken words to request Madilyn’s help.

“In that case, I’ll stop bothering you. You should prioritize the patient. Everything is fine on my end. It’s just that the kids are missing you.” Madilyn smiled.
“Okay. Tell them I’ll go over and play with them another day.”

They did not chat for long and hung up the call soon after.

Roxanne looked up at Archie ‘and Benny beside her and sighed softly.

“Aunt Madilyn is busy. I’ll accompany you two this weekend.” She could not forbid the kids to join the activity simply because Lucian and Aubree might be there.

Archie and Benny exchanged glances.

Overjoyed, they hugged Roxanne’s arms and cheered affectionately, “You’re the best, Mommy!” Roxanne smiled without saying a word.

She felt heavy-hearted at the thought of the inevitable meeting on the weekend.

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