Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 238

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 238 – Aubree’s heart sank as they locked gazes. As expected, Roxanne was staying at this hotel too.

Since it was unavoidable, Roxanne had no choice but to keep her composure and walk to the elevator, pretending that she didn’t see Aubree.

Aubree saw Roxanne turning a blind eye to her. With gritted teeth, she strode over to Roxanne.

“Ms.Jarvis, Mr.Morrison, what a coincidence. Are you two staying here too?” Roxanne’s brows crease slightly, but she planned to ignore Aubree.

Larry could tell what Roxanne was thinking, so he furtively moved between the two, separating Aubree from Roxanne.

Then he nodded politely, albeit sounding somewhat distant. “A real coincidence indeed, Ms.Pearson.

You are—” Before Larry could finish his sentence, Aubree cut him off with a smile, “Well, yes. Lucian is staying in this hotel too, so I’m planning to give him a
surprise. I just got the keycard to his room.” As Aubree spoke, she showed them the keycard and pretended to have done it inadvertently.

Then, she retracted her hand and bragged, “I guess the receptionist saw the news of my wedding with Lucian.

They just handed me the keycard before I asked.” She was implying that she would stay in the same room as Lucian and that everyone knew they were

The three entered the elevator one after another while talking. With a grin, Aubree stretched out her arm, wanting to press the button.

However, Larry had already pressed the button to the top floor. Aubree halted her movement after she saw that and gritted her teeth in irritation without making it obvious.

What? They are staying on the same floor as Lucian? Is this really a coincidence? There were only three of them inthe elevator.

Roxanne was ignoring Aubree blatantly, while Larry had nothing to say to Aubree. The atmosphere in the elevator was exceedingly depressing.

“Oh, right, what are the both of you doing here in Baldridge?” With a smile plastered on her face, Aubree clenched her fists and broke the silence while
trying to suppress her displeasure.

She wanted to know who was going after the other. Although she was facing Larry, she was looking at Roxanne from the corner of her eye.

Roxanne remained straight-faced. It was uncertain if she didn’t hear what Aubree said or if she didn’t mind where Aubree was staying.

“We came to join a conference here yesterday,” Larry replied briefly. A faint scowl appeared on Aubree’s face.

Since the two had something to do here, Aubree wondered what had brought Lucian here. The speculation she had in the morning became more intense in her heart. Aubree couldn’t hold back the anger she tried to conceal, and the smile on her face looked stiff.

“Is that so? Did you two meet Lucian in the past two days? I don’t know if he is busy with something.”

Larry was about to speakwhen he saw Roxanne, who had been remaining silent beside him, frown.

That made him swallow the words on the tip of his tongue. “Mr. Farwell is a busy man. We wouldn’t have the chance to meet,” Roxanne said coldly.

Before Aubree could react, Roxanne got out of the elevator as soon as the door opened. Aubree followed behind Roxanne, looking gloomy.

They had breakfast together this morning. And now she’s telling me that they didn’t meet? Is she trying to make a foolout of me?

Following Roxanne along the corridor and seeing her entering a room, Aubree lifted her head and checked the room number.

Then she took a look at the keycard in her hands. All color drained from Aubree’s face.

Lucian’s room number was only a digit different from Roxanne’s room number. Aubree tried hard to convince herself that it was only coincidental that the two were staying on thefloor.

However, she couldn’t accept that they were staying next door to each other now that she saw it with her own eyes.

Now, Aubree could no longer persuade herself that this was a coincidence.

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