Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 237

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 237 – Aubree arrived in Bellridge at noon.

On her way there, she called Sonya to find out where Lucian was staying. After getting off the plane, she headed straight to the hotel.

When she arrived and saw the hotel entrance, suspicion filled her mind, and she frowned.

Given Lucian’s status, he should be staying at a five-star hotel at the very least whenever he was on business trips.

Even though the hotel before her was considered respectable, it did not fit his status.

Unless…his reason for coming here was to find that b*tch. Aubree’s heart sank as she thought about this.

She quickly walked to the front desk and asked, “Hi, I’m looking for someone.

Can I trouble you to help me find out which room Lucian Farwell is staying in?”

The receptionist looked at her and was about to ask about her relationship with him when she immediately added, “I’m his fiancee.

I called him just now, and he told me his room number. But I don’t have a good memory and forgot what he said.

I don’t want to call him again and disturb his work. Could you check for me, please?” After saying this, she flashed the receptionist a polite smile.

The receptionist had noticed her the moment she entered and knew she was no ordinary person.

After hearing her words, the receptionist no longer doubted her and quickly searched for Lucian’s room number.

Aubree was delighted to get his room number so effortlessly, and her smile became more sincere.

“He won’t be coming down anytime soon. Could you give me a keycard to his room? I’ll wait for him upstairs.”

The receptionist lookedtroubled as she replied, “I’m sorry. We can’t just away our guest’s keycard.” Aubree’s smile froze.

“Then could you check if the room beside his is vacant and check me in?” The receptionist agreed and completed the check-in processfor her quickly.

Right then, Roxanne and Larry returned from outside. After having breakfast, Lucian had to part ways with them due to work.

Only then did Roxanne finally feel relieved. As they had nothing on in the afternoon, she had asked Larry to arrange meetings with the seniors they had met yesterday so that she could apologize for leaving without notice.

Thankfully, they did not take any offense. It was noon by the time they returned to the hotel after their visits.

Roxanne was slightly worried that she would bump into Lucian when they returned. She did not know how to face him.

When she returned to the country, she had thought that the two would be strangers after not seeingeach other for six years.

he never expected so many things to happen between them, much less for his attitude toward her to change drastically.

She could not help but feel her head hurt the moment she thought of him.

When they arrived at the hotel entrance, she heard Larry whisper something in her ear.

However, it did not register as her heart was all over the place. “Here’s your keycard,” said the receptionist.

Roxanne raised her eyes subconsciously and her expression changed for the worse when she saw the woman standing at the front desk.

Aubree? What is she doing here? The conversation between them at the cafe the other day was still clear in her mind.

She did not want to have anything to do with Aubree. She lowered her gaze and wanted to leave quietly.

As there was no response from her, Larry asked puzzledly, “Roxanne, are you all right?”

She paused in her steps when she heard the question and knew there wans escape for her that day. She lifted her head.

And true enough, Aubree had heard Larry’s voice and was staring blankly in their direction.

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