Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 234

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 234 – Roxanne was perplexed at seeing him nod. “It’s almost time for breakfast.

lf you don’t mind, we can have it together.” Lucian looked at the two calmly. Roxanne’s and Larry’s expressions changed.

They did not understand what Lucian meant. It took a moment before Roxanne came back to her senses. She forced a smile and said,

“You’re a busy man. I need some time to finish packing, and I don’t want to waste your time. I’ll eat on my own later.”

Lucian replied with a smile, “It’s all right. I don’t have much on my schedule today. I can wait.” Roxanne could feel her head start to hurt again.

She smiled and continued, “I’m afraid you won’t be used to the food we eat.” Lucian remained unfazed. “Rest assured. I’m not a picky eater.”

Roxanne was speechless. This man stands at the top of the commercial world. I’ve made it evident that I don’t want to have breakfast with him.

He is doing this on purpose! What on earth does he want? Roxanne’s head started to hurt even more.

In the end, she decided to use Larry as an excuse. “I have something to tell Larry after breakfast,

and it won’t be convenient for you to be around, Mr. Farwell.” She then looked at Larry pleadingly.

The latter smiled warmly and turned to look at Lucian. “That’s right. We do have something to discuss.

Can we have some time alone?” Lucian was displeased at seeing how the duo was on the same page.

However, he said calmly, “Is that so? I’ll leave when it’s time for you to speak.”

Roxanne did not anticipate that Lucian would be so thick-skinned and was about to find another excuse when she heard him mention what had happened the night before.

You must remember that you said you’ll buy me coffee last night, Ms. Jarvis. However, I ended up paying, so that did not count.

Also, I sent you home last night. If I add all these up, I’m sure it’s not too much for me to ask for breakfast, right?”

Lucian looked at the petite woman before him. Upon hearing this, Roxanne relented. “Give me a moment. I’ll go get changed.”

She hoped that Lucian would keep his word after breakfast, and they would go their separate ways. Roxanne closed the door and headed back in.

The duo outside the door had different expressions. Larry continued smiling warming.

He was displeased just thinking about Larry’s close relationship with Roxanne. After Roxanne finished packing, the three went down to have breakfast together.

As Lucian was around, Roxanne and Larry were reticent. The atmosphere was simply depressing.

Lucian, however, casually asked about their plans for the day. “I wonder what plans the both of you have after breakfast.”

Roxanne’s fork paused midair, and she raised her eyes to look at the man sitting across from her. “Why are you interested in our plans?

Do you not have plans of your own?” Lucian pursed his lips. “It isn’t easy for friends to come together like this.

Can’t we go out and spend some time together?” He glanced at Larry and asked Roxanne meaningfully,

“Or do you mind me disrupting your couple time together, Ms. Jarvis?” Roxanne’s expression changed slightly.

“Don’t drag anyone else into our affairs!” Lucian bit his lower lip and did not reply.

Roxanne retracted her gaze, and her emotions were in turmoil. She did not know what Lucian wanted from her.

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