Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 233

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 233 – The next morning, Larry woke up to a faint headache.

With Roxanne in mind, he tidied himself up and headed tothe room next door.

Right when he opened the door, he saw the door to the left of Roxanne’s room being pulled open at almostthe same time.

The next moment, a familiar figure walked out. Lucian was also worried about Roxanne, so he had come out to check on her.

To his surprise, he ran into Larry. When he met the latter’s eyes, he knitted his brows lightly. Nonetheless, he greeted Larry politely.

“It’s been a while, Mr. Morrison.” Larry recognized Lucian. However, he was hesitant to speak first.

After all, the conference organizer was the one who booked the hotel for them.

It was just an average hotel in Bellridge, and considering Lucian’s status, he thought there was no reason for him to stay at a place like this.

It was only when Lucian spoke to Larry that the latter was sure of the former’s identity. After a short pause, Larry smiled and nodded.

“Hello.” Lucian gave a nod in response and walked up to Roxanne’s door nonchalantly before knocking on it.

Larry stiffened, and a thought immediately ran through his head. Did Lucian check in to this hotel because of Roxanne?

What’s going on between them? With that in mind, Larry hesitated for a bit before approaching Lucian.

“Mr. Farwell, do you need anything from Roxanne?” he asked casually. Raising his brow, Lucian replied, “She wasn’t feeling well last night,

so I brought her back. Naturally, I have to check on her.” His answer confirmed the doubts Larry had.

The latter smiled gently. “It’s nice of you to be concerned, Mr. Farwell. But I don’t think Roxanne wants to see you.”

Instantly, Lucian’s eyes darkened, and the atmosphere around them turned tense. Yet, Larry acted as though he noticed nothing.

With the smile still on his face, he calmly turned to face the door to Roxanne’s room. Inside, Roxanne had already woken up, washed her face,

and brushed her teeth. When she heard the knocks on the door, she thought it was Larry, so she walked over and opened it without much thought.

At the sight of the two men standing in front of her, she was startled. “Why are you here?” she asked Lucian.

If I recall correctly, his hotel is near the restaurant where we ate last night. Why is he here so early in the morning?

What does he want from me now? Lucian’s brows were scrunched up as he studied her.

Noticing that she looked better than the night before, he was relieved. “It’s better to go the second mile.

Since sent you back last night, it’s natural that I make sure you’re fine the next morning.” Roxanne smiled and said,

“Thank you for your concern. I just drank a bit too much last night, but I’m fine now.” She no longer had anything to say to him after that.

Turning to Larry, she spoke in a friendlier tone. “Larry, what’s up?” “Nothing much. I’m just worried since you said you weren’t feeling well last night,”

said Larry gently. The smile on Roxanne’s face seemed more sincere when she talked to Larry. “Sorry for making you worry,

Larry. I’m okay now.” “That’s good to hear,” replied Larry smilingly. After the brief exchange,

Roxanne looked at Lucian, who was still standing in the same spot. With a light frown, she prompted, “Mr. Farwell,

is there anything else?” Lucian felt upset after seeing how Roxanne and Larry interacted with each other.

Despite knowing that Roxanne was hinting at him to leave, he nodded firmly in response to her question.

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