Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 225

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 225 – That night, Roxanne and Larry attended the gathering,

an event hosted by the organizing committee of the conference. It took place at a high–class restaurant known as Ocean Restaurant.

The restaurant was situated near the hotel where the medical conference was held that same afternoon.

The organizing committee had already booked a private room for the attendees in advance. As soon as Roxanne and Larry entered the restaurant,
a waiter led them upstairs to a room in a corner.

The private rooms in this restaurant had varying designs and styles. The organizing committee had probably figured that they were academics and
scholars. As such, the committee members had booked a room with classical and scholarly décor.

As soon as Roxanne and Larry stepped inside, a round table made of rosewood came into view.

A flower vase was placed in the center of the table, which was surrounded by several rosewood chairs.

The walls were also decorated with a number of paintings, making the entire room feel like a study.

A few guests were already seated inside the room when Roxanne and Larry arrived.

They turned their attention to the two and regarded them with awe and admiration.

Both Roxanne and Larry were the youngest attendees of the conference. Although Roxanne was a young woman, the seniors were impressed by her presentation at the conference.

Roxanne smiled at the crowd humbly. “Sorry for the long wait. We aren‘t familiar with this area.”

After the conference, she had gone for a walk in Bellridge with Larry without letting someone from the organizing committee accompany them.

Unexpectedly, they had lost their way back to the hotel, and it had taken them a while to locate the building.

“It‘s all right. Not everyone is here yet. Have a seat!” Gerald, who was sitting in the head seat, stood up to wave at Roxanne and Larry,

gesturing for them to sit next to him. His reaction caught Roxanne off guard. Gerald was an internationally renowned figure.

Even Harvey had great respect for the man. Roxanne never expected to be held in high regard by Gerald.

She stole a glance at the rest of the people around her and realized that their gazes were filled with envy.

“We‘ll sit near the doorway. It won‘t be convenient for all of you when the waiters come over with the dishes later,” she said.

Then she sat down near the doorway with Larry. Gerald frowned, but he did not push it. “That‘s very thoughtful of you two.”
Roxanne smiled but said nothing.

Some time later, everybody arrived. “Ms. Jarvis, you‘re such a young woman, yet you have outstanding credentials. You‘re a real talent!”

Everybody else began to heap praises on Roxanne after noticing Gerald‘s admiration for her and also witnessing her skills and talent themselves.

Roxanne replied humbly, “They were only questions brought up by Mr. Lynch. Coincidentally, I have

researched those subjects before, so I‘m familiar with them.” Gerald even proposed, “Do you plan to work for my company, Ms. Jarvis?

Ju st tell me what you want, and I‘ll comply!” The crowd was stunned by this remark. Even Larry could not believe his ears.

It was obvious that Gerald intended to take Roxanne on as his mentee. Everybody else at the table knew it had been many years since
Gerald last took on a mentee.

Instead, he had been focusing on his own research wholeheartedly. The fact that he had made this proposal to Roxanne now came as
a surprise to everyone.

It took some time for Roxanne to regain her composure. She knew it was an honor when she saw the looks of encouragement on the faces around her.

However, there was something else on her mind. “I appreciate your kind offer, Mr. Lynch.

However, I‘m currently helping Professor Lambert with some projects, and I fear I won‘t be able to focus on this mentorship.

I have to decline your offer,” Roxanne apologized and rejected Gerald‘s proposal.

The rest of the people were shocked to see her reject this opportunity. Gerald felt somewhat disappointed.

“In that case, I won‘t force you. Just approach me anytime if you change your mind.” Roxanne returned an appreciative smile. “Thank you, Mr. Lynch.”

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