Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 224

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 224 – When Lucian was back at the company, he went upstairs and found Cayden standing at
the entrance to the office.

“Mr. Farwell.” Cayden hurried forward when he saw Lucian. Lucian frowned. “What‘s the matter?”

Cayden displayed a serious expression. “Some issues have arisen with our business in Bellridge, and we need to send an executive over there.

Who should we send?” “Bellridge?” Lucian‘s gaze darkened. When he thought of Roxanne, who was currently in Bellridge, he said coldly, “

I‘ll go there myself.” Cayden was stunned. “Your schedule today—” Things at Bellridge were not so serious to demand Lucian‘s presence and involvement.

Moreover, he had other events scheduled on this day. Lucian interrupted his assistant, “Buy the earliest flight tickets and postpone the rest of my meetings.”

Then he turned around and entered the elevator. Cayden agreed to the orders and rescheduled Lucian‘s meetings as quickly as possible.

After buying the flight tickets, he followed Lucian. It was already noon by the time they reached Bellridge.

The person in charge over here personally drove them to the hotel. Once they were at the hotel, the person–in–

charge introduced the hotel to the two men eagerly, “This hotel is very famou s in Bellridge. A medical conference will also take place here today.

I heard that the attendees are big shots in the medical field.” Lucian returned a slight nod. Despite his lack of expression, his heart skipped a beat.

After they settled down, Cayden asked Lucian about the project, “Mr. Farwell, what‘s the best time to schedule a meeting with the person–in–charge in this place?”

Lucian did not seem to hear his assistant and merely said, “Find out about the most recent medical conferences in Bellridge.

It‘s best if you could pinpoint the one attended by Larry.” The person–in–charge‘s words reminded him that Roxanne and Larry were both from the medical industry.

Moreover, they possessed out standing credentials, and there was a huge likelihood that they would be here for the medical conference.

Naturally, Cayden was oblivious to Lucian‘s thoughts. Thus, he was taken aback when he heard this order.

Aren‘t we here to take care of our company‘s business? Why did he bring this up?

Still, he dared not ask so many questions when he saw Lucian‘s serious expression and agreed to the task. The search took him nearly an hour.
Cayden did not dawdle when he found what he was looking for.

He returned to the hotel immediately and informed Lucian, “I‘ve found it, Mr. Farwell. There‘s a medical conference this afternoon in this very hotel.

Larry‘s name is also on the list, but–”Lucian frowned. “But what?” “The conference has already ended.” Cayden sounded a bit guilty.

By the time he found out about this piece of information, it had been half an hour since the conference ended.

He was unsure whether he had delayed Lucian‘s plan. “Were Larry and Roxanne present?” Lucian asked coldly. Cayden nodded.

He had gone through the attendee list, and the names of the two individuals were there.

Lucian‘s expression hardened further as he observed Cayden‘s nod. “Find out which hotel they are staying at.”

At this point, Cayden knew what Lucian wanted to do. After a moment‘s hesitation, he said, “Mr. Farwell, they will have a gathering tonight,

and it‘s just nearby. I‘m sure Mr. Morrison and Ms. Jarvis will be present” Lucian nodded. “

In that case, let‘s meet Mr. Zimmerman of Prosperity Corporation at that restaurant tonight.”

Cayden nodded in agreement and contacted the CEO‘s secretary to schedule the meeting. He was certain that the other party would not object to it.

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