Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 208

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 208 – Roxanne left

The café at a much earlier time than she expected. After getting in the car, Roxanne gripped the steering wheel. For a long time, she didn’t start the car.

Her mind was a complete mess. After being overseas for six years, she thought that she had gotten over her past.

To her surprise, when Aubree brought it up to her, her mood was still affected.

When she married Lucian six years ago, she did not even have any idea who Aubree was.

If she had… When she recalled how foolishly in love she was with Lucian back then, she mockingly bit her lower lip.

There was a possibility she would have insisted on marrying him anyway.

However, the happiness she felt when she married Lucian was equalized to how miserable she felt when she left him.

Who would have thought that after a long time being married, they had only fulfilled their duties as husband and wife once after she drugged him.

Not to mention, the next morning, she left with her heart broken.

Thinking back to it, Roxanne felt she was so pitiful and hideous back then.

Even worse, six years had passed, and still, she was the thorn between Lucian and Aubree’s relationship.

She still remembered how Lucian had sworn he wanted to marry Aubree.

Yet, for some reason, it had dragged on for six years. Their relationship remained stuck at the engagement stage.

The way he treated her was vastly different from six years ago.

Roxanne was getting more confused about what went on in his mind.

After being lost in her thoughts for a while in her car, Roxanne realized that time was running out.

She slowly came back to reality, started her car, and headed for the research institute.

She arrived just in time for her to clock back into work. Just as she got out of her car, she ran into Colby. He had just returned from having lunch outside.

“Dr. Jarvis, did you have a lunch appointment?” Colby smiled and walked with her to the research facility.

Roxanne thought of her unpleasant experience earlier that afternoon. She shook her head. Colby looked at her for several seconds. After some hesitation, he asked, “You seem like you’re in a bad mood.

Did your lunch appointment not go well?” Roxanne couldn’t help but feel taken aback.

She didn’t think she would be so easy to read. When he saw how she looked a little surprised, Colby knew he had guessed it right.

With a chuckle, he changed the topic. “Since you’re upset, why don’t you head home earlier? I’ll handle the project. You should take the time to relax.”
Roxanne declined. “I can’t let something small like this affect my work.”

Hearing that, Colby glanced at her in confusion. Slowly, he said, “Dr. Jarvis, do you not trust me? All this while, everyone has seen how hard you’ve been
working on this project.

Many employees were also forced to work overtime because of that. There’s bound to be some complaints. Why don’t you give everyone a day off today?
You can use the time to readjust your mood.

I’m sure it’ll help you become more efficient with work later on too.” Roxanne couldn’t argue with his reasoning. She was used to the tough working life

After coming back, she just assumed that everyone could be like her.

However, she forgot the fact that that was her first time working together with these employees.

For the past two days, their research progress had been slowing down.

Thinking of that, Roxanne nodded at Colby appreciatively.

“Thank you for the reminder. Since that’s the case, rest early today.”

At noon, all the workers in the research institute got off work early. Roxanne headed straight to the kindergarten to pick Archie and Benny up.

Because of her earlier conversation with Aubree, she had no idea how to face Estella. Hence, when she picked Archie and Benny up, she did not dare to look at Estella at all.

Instead, she left straight away.

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