Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 207

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 207 – Despite her speedy driving,

Aubree was already sitting there waiting when she reached the café. “You’re a very busy woman, Ms. Jarvis. I have to wait such a long time just to meet

The moment they met, Aubree lashed out with a sarcastic comment.

Roxanne sat down opposite her. “My apologies. I was very busy this morning.

I am sorry you had to wait long, Ms. Pearson.” Even after that, she could tell that Aubree still wanted to mock her further. Roxanne was not in the mood to
waste more time with her.

“Ms. Pearson, as you can tell, I am quite a busy person. If you have anything to say, just get straight to the point. I still have to rush back to work.” .
Hearing that, Aubree swallowed her words.

She couldn’t help but choke up as her expression turned cold.

“Don’t you know what I want to say? My engagement with Lucian has been public news for a very long time.

I doubt you haven’t seen it!” Roxanne had already expected she would say something along those lines.

Her facial expression did not waver. “I have seen it. I wish you two lifelong happiness.”

“Roxanne Jarvis!” When Aubree saw how chill Roxanne’s attitude was, she couldn’t help but retort, “There’s only the two of us here Why are you still
putting on an act?

Since you already knew about my engagement with Lucian, how will you explain the news headlines yesterday?”.

It was just as Roxanne had suspected. Disdain filled Roxanne’s heart, but her face remained neutral.

“Shouldn’t you be very happy to read yesterday’s headlines?

Everyone is talking about how considerate Mr. Farwell is being toward his fiancée. Isn’t that exactly what you want?” Anyhow, she had no intention to
step forward with the truth.

To an outsider’s eye, the woman in the photo was Aubree. Aubree’s face was still icy.

She clenched her fists in an attempt to soothe the anger in her heart.

She stared frostily at Roxanne and replied, “I don’t need those two photos to prove how well Lucian treats me.

For the past six years, he has loved me only!

If it wasn’t for you, the person who married him would have been me too!”

Roxanne was indifferent to her words.

Aubree was telling the truth. Six years ago, Lucian himself had said that the only woman he intended to marry was Aubree. Roxanne still remembered
that very clearly.

“Six years ago, you came in between Lucian and me. We missed out on so much time together because of you.” Aubree’s face tensed.

“Now, everyone in Horington knows about the engagement between Lucian and me.

Since you know about it, I hope you take better care of your reputation and stay away from him.

Six years ago, you were the other woman.

I hope you don’t repeat that mistake. We are both women, but I feel ashamed for you!” Roxanne frowned.

“Instead of spending your time criticizing me, why don’t you use that time on Mr. Farwell?” Six years ago, it was her ignorance that made her fall for

However, Lucian was the one who kept trying to get closer to her at the moment.

Seeing that she was still in denial, Aubree’s tone lowered. “I am here to warn you out of kindness. Six years ago, you might not have cared about your

Now, you have two children, so you should take them into consideration.

If they knew their mother was the third party in someone else’s marriage, I wonder what they will think!” Initially, Roxanne had intended to listen to what
Aubree had to say.

She thought that maybe they could get past the conflict between them.

However, she never expected Aubree to bring Archie and Benny into the conversation.

Immediately, Roxanne’s face turned sour. “Ms. Pearson, you can rest assured that I have no interest in turning back.

However, I can’t control how Mr. Farwell feels. I suggest you put more time and effort into pleasing Mr. Farwell instead.”

With that, Roxanne stood up to leave without giving Aubree a chance to answer.

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