Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 2073

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 2073 – How Are You Doing Now The day after the wedding, when Madilyn woke up, she instinctively thought she was at home and was about to go outside in her pajamas.

Fortunately, Jonathan managed to bring her back inside right when she opened the door. Finally waking up from her daze, Madilyn suddenly realized her new identity as the daughter-in-law of the Queen family.

The man circled her in his embrace, and his hands began to explore her body. Madilyn was stunned, for they had only been intimate mere hours ago.

She suddenly became flustered, and she could feel her breathing turning erratic again. “Are there any other customs or rituals that we haven’t completed yet? Does your family need us to greet the elders on the first day of our marriage?”

She quickly tried to change the subject so that the man wouldn’t continue to tease her. If they were to make any noise this early in the morning, it would be really embarrassing.

Jonathan shook his head, and he suddenly leaned closer. Madilyn quickly covered his mouth with her hand. “No, I haven’t washed up yet.

Honey, don’t do this.” Jonathan’s mouth curved into a playful smile. “Hmm… Who was the one who took advantage of me while I was drunk back then?”

Madilyn was rendered speechless. She shot a glare at the man. “Honey, let’s wait until tonight. There must be things that we have to do today.

I’m going to wash up!” With that, she ran into the bathroom in a hurry. Roxanne was getting impatient, and after checking the time, she immediately called her best friend at eightthirty in the morning.

Madilyn wakes up at about this hour. She started off by asking Madilyn about the wedding. Madilyn said that everything was going well, and she
was not uncomfortable living with the Queens.

Only after that did Roxanne ask Madilyn about some details regarding her purchase of the Jarvis residence.

“Madilyn, who did you make the deal with? Why did they move abroad right after buying it?” “Roxanne, do you remember Ms. Vasque?

She was your mother’s best friend. She bought the place from Grant and didn’t live in it. In fact, she was just waiting for you to buy the house when you’re back.

Ms. Vasque was only willing to sell the place to me after I made my intentions known to her,” Madilyn explained. Roxanne’s face froze.

How could Iforget Ms. Vasque? Rachel Vasque used to be Roxanne’s neighbor and had a very good relationship with her mother.

After her mother became ill, Rachel would visit her several times and even give Roxanne some pocket money.

However, Rachel seemed to have moved away from Horington because of her husband’s work transfer. If it’s her, then everything makes sense.

Although Ms. Vasque bought it, she didn’t need to settle down, so she left the country with herfamily. “Madilyn, can you still contact her now?

I have something very important to ask her.” Roxanne grew anxious, thinking that her mother might have left clues about her heirloom with Rachel.

The secret would be safely guarded by Rachel, waiting for the day when Roxanne would finally come to look for the truth.

Sensing the urgency in her friend’s voice, Madilyn immediately nodded and said she would search for the contact number that Rachel had left behind during the transaction.

After a short while, Madilyn obtained the number from the agent and quickly passed it to Roxanne.

Excited to have the number, Roxanne immediately called and waited anxiously on the line for Rachel to answer.

The line rang for quite some time before Rachel finally picked up. “Hello, Ms. Vasque. I’m Roxanne Jarvis. Do you still remember me?

” The hint of anxiousness in Roxanne’s voice was palpable. There was a momentary pause on the other end of the line.

Then, a soft voice answered, “Roxanne, have you finally returned to Harington? How are you doing now?”

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